Saturday, August 11, 2007

CPM labelled the barking dog

CBCNN gives a dressed-down version of the contempt with which the Leftist opposition was discarded by the PM. IBNLive gives the label -- "barking dog of Indian politics", which we have used all along on Chindu to describe the Leftist rants.

The Hindu : Front Page : Don’t take our warning lightly: Left
Mr. Dasgupta said it was a “national tragedy” that a government that enjoyed the Left support was going in the direction of a strong partnership with the “imperialist” United States not just on economic but also on strategic cooperation. > PM says N-deal on, dares Left to withdraw support : Nuclear Deal, Prime Minister\'s Stand, Left Support, UPA
DON'T BARK, BITE: Following the Left diktat on N-deal, PM told Prakash Karat they should agree to part ways gracefully.

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