Thursday, August 23, 2007

How tolerant is N.Ram?

How often have we seen the intolerant and childish rants of N.Ram against the BJP because they were opposing some communist idiocy. Here again, N.Ram lashes out with acerbic remarks on Sen. Twice Naxal Ram has used the expression "foot in mouth disease" to describe Sen's remarks. The utter contempt with which he dismisses Sen as unfit to be India's ambassador anywhere is quite appalling. Naxalism in Ram stems from this kind of violent intolerance to anything that is not in mute conformance.

The Hindu : Opinion / Editorials : Recall Ronen Sen
But is foot in mouth disease the only problem with this diplomat? A plain reading of Mr. Sen’s remarks as reported by Mr. Haniffa reveals a state of mind that has crossed all limits of sobriety in relation to the nuclear deal; that is soaked in foreign policy dependence; that is intolerant, and arrogantly so, of any opposition to the deal;

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Anonymous said...

Poor Ambassador Sen! Perhaps he got a little impatient and annoyed seeing his hard work being suddenly pounded by comrades. After all, he has some right because of his intense involvment in the process (on behalf of the very secular UPA Govt.). But, Comrade Editor who just a couple of weeks ago highly praised the deal suddenly becomes a turncoat. If he can allow himself this luxury why can't allow some lattitude for Mr. Sen?

Besides, this virulent attack on Mr. Sen suspiciously looks like diversionary tactics, to divert attention away from Comrade Editor's own hopping and jumping sides at will.