Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Congress takes Left for a ride

It would not take a lot of effort to convince Left. All you have to tell them is that the 123 agreement is in the "best interests of the nation" - the Middle Kingdom, China. You will see the communist propaganda machine, beginning with Naxal Ram and CBCNN, running into prolonged ecstasy.

The Hindu : Front Page : Congress confident of convincing Left
The Congress on Wednesday said it was confident that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and the Government would be able to convince the Left parties that the steps taken to finalise the 123 nuclear agreement with the United States was in the “best interests of the nation.”

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Anonymous said...


"She had earlier released the Telugu version of her work “Shodh” translated by V. Komala, Dr. Innaiah’s wife, and Jung Chang’s bestseller “Wild Swans,” a book proscribed in China"

Note the use of the word "proscribed" instead of the simpler or more direct "banned".

Anonymous said...

Also, the undginfied "roughed up", not "attacked" or "assaulted".