Thursday, August 23, 2007

Chindu "cursing" Modi

The excessive use of "quotation marks" while reporting BJP events obviously reeks of dark sarcasm. In this case, "blessed" has been "inserted" by the correspondent to suggest the high-handedness and authoritarianism of Modi. The kind of sycophancy which this "blessing" suggests is the trademark of Congress. Remember the drama enacted when Sonia Gandhi refused to become the Prime Minister? But the Chindu is spinning things around to curse Modi.

The Hindu : Other States / Gujarat News : 2 Congress MLAs join BJP in Gujarat
Manish Gilitwala, representing Surat east constituency in the Assembly, and Shankar Varli, who was elected from Umbergaon, remained present on the dais with Mr. Modi and were later “blessed” by the Chief Minister for joining the BJP.

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