Sunday, July 13, 2008

Fwd: Pakistan, Saudi Arabia bankrolled Amarnath agitation

Thanks to Girish for the link.
At the time when N.Ram lashed out at the Governor, we raised some questions. Ram made some pretty harsh statements against the Governor. He then went on to blame the BJP and Islamists, fabricated lies, and tried to mislead the readers. Instead of supporting the Goverment's responsibility towards the citizens, Liar-in-Chief attacked the BJP on the pretext of overheads.

As in the context of islamic terrorism (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)Ram did not make any attempt to trace the root cause of violence or it would have dug up some inconvenient truths. We are now hearing confirmation that the violence was sponsored by the usual suspects.

Pakistan, Saudi Arabia bankrolled Amarnath agitation: Azad - Yahoo! India News
In his first public appearance in this border town, former chief minister Ghulam Nabi Azad Sunday accused Pakistan and Saudi Arabia of bankrolling the parties behind the violent agitation on the Amarnath land row.

Lashing out at all the groups that made an 'issue' of the allotment of the land to the Shri Amarnath Shrine Board (SASB) and subsequent cancellation of the same, Azad said: 'Less than one percent of the population of the state was involved in these agitations, which were being carried out with money provided by Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.'

The Muslim-majority Kashmir Valley was rocked by violent protests after the former Congress-led government transferred 40 hectares of forest land in south Kashmir to the SASB, the temple trust of the Himalayan Amarnath cave shrine.
The Hindu : Opinion / Editorials : In god's name
When Jammu and Kashmir Governor S. K. Sinha demits office on Wednesday morning and flies to New Delhi on a government jet, the ground beneath his feet will be ablaze with hate. Sharpening a communal divide, engendering street violence, uniting anti-India secessionists, and precipitating a showdown between the Congress and People’s Democratic Party: these will be remembered as this Governor’s abiding legacies.

The critics were, on point of fact, wrong, for no land was actually transferred to the SASB.


Anonymous said...

by the way, what is up with the MiC ? is the china supply line drying up? or all those cancelled subscriptions finally adding up to something big?

two-part interview with advani, front page photo of advani with 'minority' women.. MiC endearingly calling advani 'advaniji' in the interview.

i am slightly upset that advani chose to give an interview to him. even in this interview, MiC uses 'genocide'.

so, will the 'gas' quit adding "quotes" in her bjp reports now?

Anonymous said...

N Ram and his types are exposed again.

Anonymous said...

Fitch cuts India local rating outlook to negative

Fitch Ratings said higher subsidies, interest payments and public wages, along with bonds issued to oil and fertiliser companies, could push up the underlying federal fiscal deficit in 2008/09 to 6.5 percent of gross domestic product or even higher.

James McCormack, Fitch's head of Asia sovereign ratings, said in a statement the change in the outlook was also partly due to a notable increase in government debt issuance to finance subsidies not reflected in the budget.


R said...

The art of title making!
See the title of the following news report

Chakraborty to write to Karat on voting

Chindu journos very well know that many readers wouldnt care reading the whole news and they want to cheat those readers by giving such titles. Reading that title one would get no idea about the fact that Subhas Chakraborty has gone public opposing the CPM stand! -- in other words it is nothing but a voice of dissent against Karat. Chindu is hiding this fact from the title!
Also see the titles cooked up by Chindu journos in this case!

R said...

I wanted to add this in the above comment on Chindu news titles:

PTI report-writer seems to have given a reasonable title to this news yesterday for the same news here.
That was the "news update service" in Chindu where Chindu website copies and publishes the same news given by PTI without any editing. But when it came to the print edition here, the title-making "artist" worked on it and modified to make a title that is least harming for CPI(M)!

Anonymous said...

When it came to re-electing Abdul Kalam Chindu kept harping "convention against a second term". I wonder in the case of Loksabha speaker what is the convention ?

As far as I know the convention is that the speaker will be from the ruling party/alliance. Then according to the convention, shouldn't Chindu ask Somnath to resign ? Since he is not resigning, will Khare write an article pointing out the convention, I wonder ?!

Anonymous said...

Even when the sudo-secularist Siddharth Varadarajan is forced to admit the Left and Mayawati is communalising nuclear card, he drag in a gratuity attack on bjp. Have the chinduites no moral scrupals?

Anonymous said...

In the above mentioned article, Varadarajan says:

"Even if they are agnostic or ignorant about the deal itself, the majority of Indians are opposed to any kind of military or strategic alliance with the US"

Isn't that an utter lie ?!

Majority of Indians either vote for BJP or Congress(I) and both the parties are for strategic alliance with the US. So what is he talking about ? Is he the person who makes decision for the majority of Indians ?

Anonymous said...

In today's hindu, EiC regretted for publishing a cartoon offending Sikh sentiments. First, thanks for honouring public sensitivities and hope you also maintain the same for Hindu's and do not make sweeping statements like "and over 40,000 police and paramilitary personnel diverted from counter-terrorism duties — to facilitate a Hindu pilgrimage".