Wednesday, May 14, 2008

N.Ram on Jaipur blasts

I am enraged after reading this editorial on Jaipur blasts. It is obviously not about N.Ram's incompetence but about his blind hatred towards Indians. And I am shocked to see him politicize a serious issue instead of provoking a balanced discussion.

The Hindu : Opinion / Editorials : Challenges from Jaipur
In the minds of their perpetrators, the bombings that have scarred many Indian cities have been acts of vengeance against communal violence directed at Muslims — but also catalysts for an apocalyptic communal war.
He begins by telling us about what the terrorists think. Why dont you tell us what the citizens of India think. Have a look at the letters(1, 2, 3) to editor. Why dont you for once talk about how the victims feel and sympathize with them.

The link between Jaipur terror attacks and muslim reaction to communal violence is only in N.Ram's mind. Why does N.Ram not question muslims for this never-ending rage? Are the marginalized lower castes, who, Chindu says, are oppressed by caste Hindus also going around bombing people?
Inevitably, some jihadist operations have succeeded — and will succeed in future.
N.Ram is telling Indians that we are destined to die in a jihadi attack and should not take it seriously.
Ordinary people have shown that one way to neutralise these ‘successes’ is to maintain communal peace and harmony.
As we Hindus are destined to die in Jihadi attacks, take it easy. Buy "The Hindu", sip coffee and relax while the Jihadis do their job.
Ever since 2001-2002, New Delhi counted on President Pervez Musharraf to rein in jihadist groups operating from Pakistan’s soil.
Notice how N.Ram jumps the gun here. He links Jaipur terror attacks to Pakistan and talks about how India must depend on Pakistani internal policies to negate terrorism.
Last year, however, jihadists exploited his waning authority to escalate the tempo and intensity of attacks against both India and Pakistan.
You see, it is not just India but also Pakistan which is affected by terrorism. Ignore the fact that India has more terror attacks than the rest of the world put together. It is just a statistic.
In consequence, jihadist groups are likely to have more freedom than in the recent past to operate against India.
Is this not a greater threat to Indians. Logically, the next sentence should talk about how India must step up its fight against terrorism, considering the increasing threat. Look where he goes.
The Bharatiya Janata Party appears to be preparing the ground for a communal campaign ahead of the November round of Assembly elections by blaming the Jaipur carnage on the United Progressive Alliance government’s allegedly ‘soft approach’ towards terrorism. Such tactics might help win votes — but will not serve the cause of combating terrorism.
Blame it on the BJP, ofcourse. In fact, N.Ram is forestalling any proper discussion about terrorism. He is deliberately trying to hijack the discussion by bringing in the usual slogans on "discrimination against muslims", "communal campaign", "Hindus are not the only victims", "Indians are not the only victims", etc. This is even before the body count of victims has been completed.
What does N.Ram have to say to the Center on combating terrorism? What recommendations does he give to avoid future such occurrences? What purpose does this editorial serve apart from justifying the terrorist attack?


Shankar said...

Firing on our posts, PM "worried". Call it impotence.

Unprovoked firing by Pakistani troops 'worrisome': PM

New Delhi/Srinagar (PTI): For the second time in less than a week, Pakistani troops opened unprovoked fire on an Indian border post at Tangdhar in Northern Kashmir in a development which was described as "worrisome" by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

"It is worrisome," Singh said as the violation of the five-year-old ceasefire was taken up by the Director General of Military Operations (DGMO) through the hotline.

"India's concerns over the unprovoked firing were conveyed to his Pakistani counterpart," Defence Minister A K Antony said.

The Prime Minister voiced concern over the firing while talking to reporters on the sidelines of the Defence Investiture ceremony at Rashtrapati Bhavan.

"We have taken up the matter at the level of DGMO," Singh said making it clear that all issues having bearing on the Indo-Pak relations would be taken up during the forthcoming Foreign Minister level talks between the two countries.

Dirt Digger said...

N.Ram has the mindset of a quack set out to solve a cancerous problem. He lacks the vision, strategic thinking and most importantly the fortitude to solve the problem. Terrorism can be equated to cancer in society. Just as Cancer needs chemotherapy, terrorism needs immediate action to save the country. LiC is pushing 60, he's thinking of mollycoddling the terrorists so he can live his peace and let the generations afterwards pay the price.
The matter of fact way he decides to absolve the new Pak. govt of its responsibilities towards controlling terrorism is simply appalling.
Where are the moderate Muslims and "secularists" when such incidents occur and lives are lost?

Anonymous said...

>> In the minds of their perpetrators, the bombings that have scarred many Indian cities have been acts of vengeance against communal violence directed at Muslims

This is the sickular argument after every terror strike. Shekar gupta of IE justified the mumbai blasts as a reaction to gujarat riots, and thought it fair that the bombings targetted first class coaches in trains that gujaratis in mumbai travel in.

Atleast this time, this mofo feels obliged to camouflage this and attribute this to the 'minds of the perpetrators'. Since he has his nose and mouth buried deep into the rear-ends of these jihadists (during the breaks he gets from doing the same with his chinese masters), he should have a pretty clear view of those 'minds of the perpetrators'.

Would he, or any of his sickular brigade, ever write "In the minds of the gujarati people, the retaliatory attacks in 2002 are seen as vengeance against Islamic terrorism targeted at Indians"?

murali said...

NRam is a thevadiya magan

Raghav said...

The Jaipur police reports,
"According to the sources, 90 per cent of the causalities in last night's blasts in Jaipur were caused by the puncturing of vital organs like the skull and heart by metal balls that were packed into the explosive devices."
Surely Ram would ask that the terrorists deserve rehabilitation as society did not pamper them enough.

Anonymous said...

The Chief says: Inevitably, some jihadist operations have succeeded — and will succeed in future.

Which means we will be ever threatened by the jihadis and the chief counsels forbearance, as these fellows feel alienated. He really has a very kind heart.

Does not matter, at all. Chindu publishes on carnatic music, cinema etc. and also has a neat layout. For many people in Mambalam and Mylapore, Chindu is as obligatory as their morning "filter" coffee. So, that is more important than anything else.

Comrade Ram will sympathise with the jihadis and let you be the sacrifical lamb. After all, he stands by a very glorious, century old tradition.

Lapog said...

actually, i find the editorial quite sensible. it has obviously been written by mr. parveen swami, who's article on paki terror it appears alongside for.

Anonymous said...
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sr said...

This is typical templated editorial. Chindu at selected occasions second guess the reasons for terrorism. While on one side, strongly condem LTTE for terrorist actions and on the other side, come up with fictitious excuses and ratiole for islamic terrorism. If the supression is the root cause of terrorism and its legitimate for the suppressed groups to revolt, then why big hue and cry when Tibetians protested?

Anonymous said...

some moron has been pasting comments from your other posts onto every post. that could distract readers in the comments section.

murali said...

Please delete my earlier comment.It is offensive and in poor taste.And delete this as well.