Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Counter terror with nothing

Mukul Sharma is a "jhollawalla" who often gets disproportionate amount of space on Chindu's Opinion page, which he uses to write liberal nonsense.

Take the example below. Mukul Sharma opens by saying terrorism is an assault on fundamental rights. Obviously, the suicide bombers are assaulting the fundamental rights of us. But Mukul Sharma says the only way we can protect ourselves is to protect the fundamental rights of these suicide bombers. Nice! So you all now know that if you walk up to Mukul Sharma and slap him hard on his face or kick him in his butt, he will not retaliate because he believes in fundamental rights.

The Hindu : Opinion / Leader Page Articles : Counter terror with justice
Terrorism is an assault on people’s fundamental human rights.

The only way people can be protected — from both governments and suicide bombers — is to treat every single human being as possessing fundamental rights that no government, group or individual may ever justifiably take away.

And then, there is the usual talk about Muslims, human rights etc. This terror apologist has made his career out of this stuff. Nothing that can stand scrutiny; just liberal platitudes and no concrete recommendations on how to tackle terrorism.


Anonymous said...

By writing this kind of nonsense, this fellow perhaps thinks his right (fundamental or derived) is protected, because the jihadis will take into sympathetic consideration his support for their activities and their "fundamental" rights to kill the ordinary folks. So that he will be spared. Jolawallahs and Wagah border candle burners are endowed with limitless delusion and self deception.

Anonymous said...

FM praises Gujarat


Anonymous said...

How would you like to be held on POTA for many years without trial?
There should be a balance which is what Hindu is referring to.

Anonymous said...

How does it feel good to lose your life or lose your folks for the sin of going to a public place such as a market or temple? The jihadis can always count on support from "rights activists". Why can't these human rights specialists advise the jihadis to target the right people and not ordinary citizens.

RM said...

Everyone agrees that the fundamental rights of people should be protected. However, the predictable, monotonic lecturing on the human rights aspect that immediately follows any terrorist attack is disgusting. In the Indian context, the number of people directly affected by islamic terrorism is really huge. A look at the number of people killed by terrorists and the number of innocent people rounded up during anti-terrorist investigations should reveal the disproportionate magnitude of concern for human life from the part of human rights actvists.
In this particular case, no instances of rights violation has been reported. The blood stains on the streets of Jaipur are still warm, and these guys are lamenting the possible violation of human rights.
What probably blinds them is the age-old prejudice that the state machinery will always function as an imperialistic organisation. They never seem to bother about how an atmosphere conducive to their arm-chair ponderings is maintained in the country. Dont the state play any role in that?