Friday, May 30, 2008

Krishna Iyer's Inanities

Today's article by V.R.Krishna Iyer is hilarious. The gist of his article is that sunlight is being wasted if it is not being harnessed to meet our energy requirements. Every kid knows that as well. It is like saying that if we have a drinking water shortage, it can be rectified by finding a way to utilize water from the oceans. And strong winds often blow across the beaches of Kerala; should we not be running windmills everywhere to harness that? It surely does not take a genius to know any of that. But how to do that is the million dollar question which we expect folks with special knowledge of the subject to enlighten us in a serious paper like THe Hindu. Is there any sign, however faint, of some enlightenment in this article? I could not find it even by going over it with a lens, just a lot of vacuous rhetoric. Mr. Iyer might know something of politics and the law but he is definitely no energy expert and certainly does not come across as someone who has even made a feeble attempt to learn about the details of energy questions of the day. There is an old saying that empty vessels make a lot of noise. Mr. Iyer appears to have become a living embodiment of this dictum. He could do a lot better for himself and his own image by realizing the virtues of silence.


Anonymous said...

The day someone comes up with a generator powered by Leftist rhetoric, all energy shortages will be a thing of the past.

Pilid said...

Haha! Good one,anon!

Anonymous said...

VRK is a senile clown.Please do not waste your time and energy on him.

Shankar said...

Preacher Somnath is apparently Chindu's current favourite

Somnath Chatterjee enquires about A.K. Antony's health

New Delhi (PTI): Lok Sabha Speaker Somnath Chatterjee on Sunday enquired about the health of Defence Minister A K Antony, who had fainted during the Passing out parade of the National Defence Academy at Pune.

Chatterjee, who is in Kolkata, telephoned the Defence Minister and wished him speedy recovery.

The Speaker also sent him a bouquet along with a get well soon message.

Anonymous said...

there is something stupid about these palghat iyer dudes. eminent pissologists like ashis nandy may be able to analyze that. The palghat iyers are clearly cut off from the tanjavur and mainland iyers, may be that leaves a complex.

is this v.r.krishna iyer the one who eminenced himself with a suggestion to indira gandhi to fiddle with the constitution in her disqualification case? and he also stayed the high court order disqualifying her?