Wednesday, May 14, 2008

An Independent Report on Tibet

Read Nicholas Kristof in the New York Times today for an on-the-spot report of the political happenings and mood in Tibet. The article is a refreshing change from all the doctored Chinese government propaganda that the Hindu has been spewing. If the Chief is unhappy with foreign news agencies, he should also similarly send someone or go up there himself to find out the truth. Sadly, it is perhaps too much to expect such uprightness and independence from him.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Shankar said...

Hon. Ambassador Yan,

This is just a humble reminder that funds for May are still due.

Xinhua - Chennai

P.S: Please find one more favourable editorial here. You won't read anything like this anywhere else.

Challenge and response in China

The toll would have been higher but for the quick and efficient response by the government and the diligence shown by the rescue machinery.

veera said...

While it may be true that Tibet is an issue, can india ignore China?
Just a question..Not intended to argue with anyone or affend anyone.Please dont take me wrongly..

All the G8 countries are looking forward to close working relationship with China which today is an all powerful country and is the most populous as well..India being the second populous and having a giant as its neighbour ought to maintain cordial relations with China..

China's tremendous growth in economy and infrastructure is true and real..No one can deny that fact..Also the fact that it is militarily very powerful than India and India cannot afford to take it lightly..Infact we must maintain good relationships in areas wehere we can benefit..

May be it can be friendly yet a cautious relationship

Pilid said...

:) Good joke Shankar. You are right about today's editorial - the Chinese government comes in for a fair amount of praise. I have seen several reports about its openness and helpful attitude unlike during past natural calamities though it is a moot point whether the editorial would have been less laudatory even if the Chinese government's conduct had been otherwise.

Veera, you are absolutely right. India needs good relations with China. But just as China will not give up its territorial claims on account of this, we need not give up our principled stand on Tibet either. Besides, if we sell out the cause, others will think twice about the value of cultivating our friendship.

socal said...


China has attained whatever power it had through questionable means e.g.,genocide in Darfur. It has consistently tried to undercut our efforts to ensure oil. It has proliferated nukes, stalled high-tech companies from opening foundries (43 billion chip design plants) etc.

Now, can such a country really become our friend? Is any amount of caution on our behalf going to compensate for Chinese hegemony and the diplomatic clout that it brings?

Let's not forget that we've conflicting interests with them on practically all issues of life simply because of our and their large population.

Anonymous said...
(op-ed page)

A question from Chindu to the Indian Maoist spokesperson

How do you envisage the future scenario in Nepal? Will India and U.S. imperialism adjust to the new reality and support the Maoist government? Or, will they create hurdles?

Would any credible newspaper use phrases like "US imperialism"? is almost as if the interviewier and the interviewiee are both Maoists.

Ofcourse this is apart from the fact that no credible newsppaper would carry a page-long interview with a moaist lune.

sr said...

All consumables : "Made in China"
Chindu & Commies : "Made for China"

Anonymous said...

None need ignore China or for that any neighbour. But, to be servile to a neighbour (who committed unprovoked aggression and still holding on to our territory) is something different. And being servile to this extent, as the Chief demonstrates:

"In the days ahead, there will be much to learn from China’s experience in restoring normal life after an earthquake."

BTW, much to learn from China, but by whom?