Sunday, May 18, 2008

Before the dust settled

I mentioned about how N.Ram in this editorial made sweeping statements on the Jaipur terror attacks even before the dust settled down. By bringing up the Pakistani connection, he was preempting any suspicion on the Indian muslims. Yesterday, Praveen Swami elaborated on the motivation of the Islamists for bombing innocents in Jaipur. Today, we have more information that this terror attack is masterminded by Indian muslims with support from illegal Bangladeshis. As I noted earlier, any sensible discussion on the issue has been completely sidestepped. The focus has shifted to maintaining peace with Pakistan at any expense, to maintain communal harmony at the cost of innocent lives and to absolve the Islamist motivations.

Let us for a moment question the Islamist motivations detailed in the letter by "Indian Mujahideen". The terror attacks are due to Babri Masjid demolition, Bombay riots, Gujarat riots, muslim grievances etc. The most obvious question is why does the history of grievances begin with Babri Masjid demolition, while ignoring all the history before. The next question is why is Babri Masjid demolition a justification for all the terror attacks my muslims ever since. Does it ever end? There are a lot of inconvenient questions that get raised. Obviously, Chindu does not want its readers to think along these lines. And so, N.Ram immediately tried to steer the discussion into a tangent.

The Hindu : National : Jaipur serial blasts: search for terror chief gropes in dark
Mukhtar began figuring on the Uttar Pradesh police radar after the March 2006 serial bombings in Varanasi. Investigators found that two Uttar Pradesh-based clerics, Mohammad Zubair and Mohammad Waliullah, had provided logistics support for the bombings. However, the bombs used in the attack were fabricated by three Bangladesh-based Harkat operatives. Mukhtar, it turned out, smuggled in the Research Department Explosive used in the devices.


Dirt Digger said...

There's an old saying which states something like this, you can wake a sleeping person but never a person who's acting like being asleep.
Chindu behaves like terrorism is a local electricity load shedding problem and LiC uses his prejudices rule his judgment.
You raise a great argument about the rationale of Babri Masjid and Godhra being scapegoats for every attack.
Terrorists are dangerous, but with journalists like LiC and impotent political leaders can be lethal to the country.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear......
It's the same old shit these militant muslims give for every terror act they carry out. How long should we keep listening to the same excuses?
The sickular brigade is again at it. Blaming Hindus, misguided elements and in general crying out injustice.
It's interesting to go through the "moderate muslims'" thoughts