Thursday, May 08, 2008

What is he smoking?

A recent news article on Chindu quotes Mr.Nitish Sengupta making statements on foreign policy. Making grandstanding statements is a common practice among ex-civil servants. But this is the height,
DHAKA: “There should not be any threat perspectives. Bangladesh or India cannot be threats to anyone,” said a former Indian civil servant and politician, Nitish Sengupta, here on Wednesday.

Maybe Bangladesh is threatening to join ASEAN, the logic of such statements make no sense. The High Commissioner, Pinak Ranjan Chakrabarty from his high horse makes a pompous statement that the new generation looks forward to relations with Bangladesh.
the new generation wants to go forward … we have to learn from history and look forward to the future instead of blaming the past.

The two gentlemen do not discuss important issues like illegal immigration of Bangladeshis into India or how the government of Bangladesh with tacit support from ISI is fomenting terrorism in the North East states.

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Anonymous said...

Bangladesh and India have had traditional ties. This article supports that viewpoint. How can you state that these countries cannot be on friendly terms?