Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Chindu defines secularism

Chindu's editorial board has decided to let the below definition of secularism pass through its censorship because it perfectly fits into its own definition. We have often seen how Chindu has used "Letters to the Editor" to express its own opinion. The present day political lexicon is so distorted that such discriminatory definition of secularism is accepted as mainstream.

The Hindu : Opinion / Letters to the Editor : Ramar Sethu issue
The Babri Masjid, belonging to the minority community, did not get the protection it deserved and was demolished by kar sevaks. That was against the principles of secularism which, in my view, would mean the majority community protecting the interests of the minorities.

N.G.R. Prasad,


Dirt Digger said...

Did you happen to notice that there were hardly any letters supporting the views of Mr.Parasaran?
Chindu has a neat policy of hiding behind editorial rights to selectively publish letters which support its opinions.
Chindu has got a magic secularism filter which helps to selectively pick these letters.

pradeepkumar said...

I don't think they will even be remotely inclined to publish any letter/opinion that does not go well with Nram and his nauseating policies.
These letters are written by the chindu crooks to lecture on all us mortals.

Anonymous said...

Ayyayyo, this blog is really deterioriating into common hatred of Chindu and Nram. No logic or facts, only abuse, such are the tactics of these worthies who began the blog with high intentions but now have nothing worthwhile to say other than abuse. I think I now prefer Hindoo to Chindoo.

Letter writer offers one interesting definition of secularism, it is actually principle of Gandhi or Rawls, that we measure enlightenment of society by the care it shows for the weak or weakest. So majority showing concern for minority is a very good thing for society to strive for. I really wished India can be like that. Sadly, minorities like Sikhs and Muslims and also Christians have been made targets of physical violence and their properties have been attacked by BJPs, Congress and other parties have not done much to protect other than mouth the platitude.

Anonymous said... comes another supporter of chindoooooo!
Yeah, the "poor" muslims/christians are to be protected..never mind the damage they have done/been doing to the country since centuries. Never mind that even after "purification" by holy water, the so called "dalits" remain "dalit christians". Despite ruling the country for centuries, muslims (they have their own mullas to blame and not others) are the "victims".

And it is a daily task of BJPs to physically assault the poor "brethren" if they have no other work.

What a shame this India is!

Hindu Fundamentalist said...

the letters to editor have a standard template. in fact, there are a few number of people who repeatedly get space here while a lot people never make it to the "esteemed" space.