Thursday, May 08, 2008

Chindu celebrates a "secular" victory

There is a frontpage article with a glamorous photo of MoFoHusain, followed by a detailed court judgment in national news. It is also worthwhile to note that MoFo's affront to Hindus is not mentioned in the detailed report.

The Hindu : Front Page : Court quashes cases against Husain

NEW DELHI: The Delhi High Court has quashed criminal proceedings against eminent painter M.F. Husain for allegedly hurting public sentiment by depicting Hindu goddesses in an obscene manner. Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul called the charge “baseless.”
The Hindu : National : Husain deserves to be home and painting, says court
The Delhi High Court on Thursday quashed proceedings against painter M.F. Husain in three cases where the complainants had alleged that he had hurt the sentiments of the nation by painting “Bharat Mata” in the nude. The allegations were declared “baseless.”

Passing the order, Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul said paintings were a matter of perspective and cannot be the basis for initiating criminal proceedings.

Indian state's discrimination against the majority is unbelievable and Chindu is a pioneer in championing this bias. On the issue of paintings and freedom of speech, Chindu has put its weight behind when the victims were Hindus but has refused to support freedom of speech for a factual exhibition on muslim atrocities.


Dirt Digger said...

The logic has been give minorities the most tolerance possible. The misguided ideology was originated by Mahatma Gandhi who supported the Khilafat movement as a support to Muslims, even when they were killing Hindus in places like Kerala at Moplah. This action by Chindu cannot be termed as secular or tolerant or even objective. This action blatantly serves minority interests or in plain words BS.

Anonymous said...

"....paintings were a matter of perspective....". What about the Danish cartoon? And Salman Rushdie? They also offered other perspectives. But, rewarded with fatwas.

Anonymous said...

This will never end unless the Hindu's in India put their feet down and fight the siculars. How should this be done (politically/economically) must be evolved but it is clear that Hindus in their own homeland are being reduced to third grade citizens. Witness anything from Godhra to Sethusamudram...we are constantly humiliated and preached upon by self-appointed secular scoundrels.

Of course, don't you understand?? Danish cartoon, saman rushdie et al are the results of "communal bigots".... whatever the muslims say, it defines secularism!

I am tempted to say f*** india, but this is not the fault of our country which is in a firm grip of bastard seculars and their croonies.

Ot said...

More importantly, The Chindu is whining against the court ruling on AIIMS tussle. (Read Arti Dhar's report, where Ramdoss's and the government's patently vengeful acts are reported as verified facts). Imagine that. Dr Venugoal, eminent though powerless when pitted against the might of a nasty, perverted state that Ramdoss represrented, took on the latter and won a hard-fought battle. There was no media crusade in his favor -- in fact the media remained conspicuously silent. He fought all alone. His victory is verily the triumph of good over evil, and any self-respecting newspaper that claims to be committed to values and principles ought to hail the outcome. But The Hindu is reporting the issue with a clear slant against Venugopal.

Looks like this debased outfit is just not a commie newspaper, it is a corrupt newspaper as well.

Percival Rangreji said...

Sometimes this blog can have erudite if longwinded commentary on legal issues and the like which suggests its principal authors are liberal minded. But at other times you have crude posts full of hatred and vitriol towards Moslems and Christians. Make up your mind. Are you liberal or not?

Anonymous said...

@ Percival Rangreji,

if one speaks about the double standards of The Hindu, is it hatred against the Muslims and Christians? Who has hatred towards other religion and that too so pervert, please decide after looking at this --

[see towards the bottom of the page]

veera said...

U r constantly bashing THE HINDU newspaper..nothing else..

The HINDU might have some Look at the positive side too..

it is a 130 year old traditional newspaper with great founders and a legacy of its own..

it never uses crass content unlike DC and is clean and its credibility is unquestionable..Does not sensationalise news and not too much importance to films & fashion

It has always opposed the LTTE and pro-tamil forces even if its DMk and is a truly a nationalsit newspaper..maye be it has to change in some areas but that does not mean it is not a good daily..Infact it is still among the top newspapers in India and will continue to be well respected..


Anonymous said...

Someone draws a cartoon in faraway Denmark. Someone writes a book in England. Why should cities in India burn? Why are shops and people in Indian cities are attacked for this so called "blasphemy"?

Has Chindu ever offered gratuitous sermons to the perpetrators of these violent activities? Has Chindu ever pontificated on the nefarious conversion tactics induleged in by the neo-colonist foreign do-gooders?

On the contrary, in the guise of secularism, Chindu sides with these anti-national forces and liberally insults Hindus.

Shankar said...

Percival Rangreji ...

Who is a liberal? How do you distinguish him/her from a self-loathing Marxist?

You are seeing the power of Web 2.0 where peddlers of news cannot get away with crap.

Dirt Digger said...

Thank you for your support of some of the blog's posts. Society is imbalanced. More often than not the Indian media has been overtly supportive of a very biased agenda, one that is anti-Indian.
The Chindu is a leading example of the same. They prefer to cut off their nose to spite their face.
A responsible society must ensure that minority rights are protected. However the same responsible society should ensure that this does not happen at a price to the majority population.
In this blog, as far as I know, we have been quite factual in our observations and do let us know of specific examples where we had,
"have crude posts full of hatred and vitriol towards Moslems and Christians".
And we can have a discussion on those specific posts.
What is your opinion on the current post on the article on MF Hussain?

Dirt Digger said...

Thanks for your observations. One question though, you said,
" never uses crass content unlike DC and is clean and its credibility is unquestionable"
Have you been reading this blog?

Dirt Digger said...

Anon #1,
Sorry for getting back late.
They also offered other perspectives. But, rewarded with fatwas.
Great point. That is exactly what the media like Chindu condones.

Dirt Digger said...

Anon #2,
I totally agree with you. There needs to be a coordinated action against these liberals. This blog along with several others is a start.
Let us know if you have any ideas of how this can be accomplished. I'm willing to listen.

Andromeda said...

@ Veera,
Can't a paper that has had a "glorious" 125 years go down the drain because of blatantly biased editors? It takes a century to build trust and less than 5 years to destroy that. N Ram has done just that. Please stop taking refuge under the "glorious past" to deflect attention from present day maladies We are talking about The Hindu of today and the fact that it has had a glorious past need not make it immune to any form of criticism.

There was also a mention of "credibility". Did u get credible information on Nandigram and Tibet? Have you seen any editorial against China or the communists? Did u get credible news on the CPIM-RSS clashes in Kerala? I'd suggest that u look at some of the posts before making loose statements.

And , u said The Hindu is a truly national newspaper. Can you clarify whether it is India's or China's?

Anonymous said...

Following this great verdict, Hussain should return to India immediately and restart his creative artistic activity, by painting the leading secular wallahs and their women folk in all their pristine, natural glory.

socal said...

Chindu has never lectured China about the conspicous waste of money in ostentatious activities like carrying the flame on Mt Everest(which can have environmental waste too) while many of its citizens are wallowing in abject poverty without any freedom.

No lecture for Chinese communists on raking up euphoria and jingoism when faced with the olympic torch protests, or on the suppression of Tibetan, Uyghur human rights.

So much for "credibility" and "old legacy."

Raghav said...

How come if someone paints the Bharat Mata in the nude that becomes creative liberty, but when someone paints the Prophet/Allah that is demeaning? Why is there no standard applied to this?

percy said...

There are some poss which approach the standard of but the rest is blatant stuff of the Organiser variety. Please understand India needs liberal comment, nor communal crap. For anyone seriously to suggest minority rights in India are being protected at the expense of Hindus is living in a completely warped makebelieve world. Do you have any Muslim middle class friends? Have you asked them how dificult it is to find housing and jobs? And what about mortality in riots? Let us read a post here that tells the truth about Modi! Or demolition of Babri Masjid.

Percy said...

So you want my specific respone to your Hussain post, which you obviously believe is an exemplar of measured, rational comment. Well, let's just take your opening line:

"Indian state's discrimination against the majority is unbelievable".

How do you expect anyone to take you or your blog seriously with this kind of arrant nonsense? And the fact that you actually believe in, or consciously peddle, this kind of foolish claim puts you somehwere between David Koresh and Jim Johnson on the rationality map. (I gather you live in America. Wiki there names if you haven't heard of them).

As for me, I prefer Dravidian Hindu to Davidian Chindu.

Dirt Digger said...

We were expecting a rational argument but what we receive is a vitriolic rant. Let me take the statement which has offended you and put it into context.

"Indian state's discrimination against the majority is unbelievable".

If you would care to read the entire article and logically place the events which happened it would give you perspective. Let us see here, M.F.Hussain decides to paint the Bharat Mata who is the motherly symbol of the country we reside in aka India, in a nude manner. He goes ahead and paints a number of Hindu deities in similar fashion. Do remember that these are symbols of patriotism and religion for a majority of the people. Now patriotic citizens as well as right wing citizens decided to put a court case against him which ultimately lead to the verdict.
Here the Chindu decides to paint the people who put the case as nut jobs and Hussain as being a victim who was expressing his creative liberties.
However the same brush is not used when say Muslims protest against someone painting a picture of Mohammed or Allah and start wild demonstrations. Or for that matter Christians demonstrating against the Da Vinci code. In those cases Chindu vehemently decides to defend minority beliefs.
There is a total lack of objectivity in handling issues of similar nature and more often than not sides with the minorities irrespective of who is right.
Here in this blog we have tackled numerous issues involving minorities including the recent Nandigram incident where hundreds of Dalits and Muslims were massacred by Communist stooges.
This incident was whitewashed by your Hindu, the protector of minority rights.

Hence please do your research before painting others in broad strokes.

PR said...

after going thru chindu, it seems pilid is a little rational, this hindufundamentalist and dirtdigger are semi-literate ranters. Strongly suggest to pilid to divest blog of crude communal types.

If painting gods and goddesses nude is offenseive, you are clearly ignorant of hoary tradition of indian iconography. The idiots who went after Hussain are of the same ilk who try to file cases agaist Shweta Shetty for that so-called kiss with Richard Gear or against Tamil actress who said she saw nothing wrong with premarital sex or that idiot called Hari who filed a case against bevcause it featured a villain called Hari Sadu. India is full of prissy, busy bodies who don't give a shit for real issues but have all the time in the world to waste fighting battles against imaginary grievances. And sadly there is a section of our judiciary which is superindulgent to such nonsense. I am all for an intelligent critique of Hindu. But barring pilid, who has his thoughtful moments, the intellectual level of most posts here are of the sort you read in Panchajanya or Organiser.

We Indians need to stop kvetching so much and get on with our own work.

Anonymous said...

"....fighting battles against imaginary grievances." This is a pretty correct description of Chindu's pet minorities. Some fellow draws a cartoon in Denmark and shops are attacked and burnt in India. Chindu justifies these and other murderous terrorist acts in public places, because minorities feel "alienated".

Anonymous said...

"Indian state's discrimination against the majority is unbelievable".

Looks like it is.

TN (and other states also) has "Hindu Religious Endowments" dept. which effectively brings the administration of temples under the control of atheists and rationalists who otherwise enjoy (and make a living) denigrating Hindus and their beliefs.

Whereas, places of worship of minority religions are not brought under the control of govt. and in fact, they seek shelter under the secular constitution.

Minority-run educational institutions refuse to adhere to caste-based quota as ordained by the govt.

The Central govt. can declare boldy in the Supreme Court that Ramayana is mythology and the politician-secular combine will certify Bible and Koran as historical deeds.

Secularism for the majority commnity and minoritysim for the minorities. Cheerfully sanctioned by Chindu and fellow secularists.

prudent indian said...

Hi Dirt Digger, let me point to you and your reader one true fact of history which the Left historians and 'Secular Jihadi' Intellectuals have distorted.

You mentioned 'KHILAFAT' movement which in Persianised Urdu mean 'resistance', where this movement was 'CALIPHATE' movement in support of reinstatement of Caliph of Turkey who was ousted by then Secular Kamal Ataturk. Gandhi actively participated in this "CALIPHATE" movement with an eye on Muslims support. Till date, any sane Indian could not understand why and for what did Gandhi support a Caliph in Turkey sitting here in India, when even the Turkish Muslims were against this Caliph? What was the need for Gandhi or what did Muslims of India have to do with what Turkish People do to Caliph?

Since these were uncomfortable truths so here comes the Communist's master of subversion of truth and what was "CALIPHATE" MOVEMENT became 'KHILAFAT'!!!???

May be this was one more GANDHI'S "EXPERIMENT WITH TRUTH"! WOW!?

Now as for Hussain and the secular cheer leaders around, both deserve to be hanged upside down on the near tree or lamp post one finds.

Prudent Indian.

SRINI said...

To me even PErcy seems to be an insider of The Chindu only to counter our view points.This blog has never been againist minorities but only brought out the double std practised by these RED Organisations.PR has again raised Modi. BUt he has the support of 5 crore GUjurati & 1 billion Hindus only because he is a true self-less leader and has come out with flying colors.Recall all those articles written in Chindu & other left supported Media org.predicting doomsday for Modi.
PR what about the riots that took place between 1947 - 1992. or for that matter the invasion of India in 10th cen. and forced conversions/R***? The problem faced by North Indian is much more than what the perception is.Another point..Chindu has not brought out any editorial on Venugopal & Ramsethu but with all sincerity brought out in support for MF Husain under the umberage of freedom of expression. This CHindu in 1994-1995 had to publish an apology for Prohphets photo in their Belgaum edition and has forgotten the bitter pill they had to swallow.

To all we also need to find out the impact of Times Of India Chennai edition on CHindu

sr said...

As always, anything to with hindu other than the tag in the title of newspaper, disturbs Chindu & LiC deeply and the editor takes the mantle of maintaining values of expression of freedom and precisely follow what he advise others not to do - moral vigilantism.

While strong worded abuses are used on the group fighting not to compromise their esteem and belief, in the past Chindu shamelessly fought for the opposite. Its worthwhile to just look at some related references from their own publications.

During prophet mohamed danish caricature controversy, chindu went all-out to support the muslim groups by covering editorial, leader page articles and daily sections on letters to the editor.

In the editorial "", champion of muslim cause highlights "Freedom of expression is supremely important. But surely it does not require its champions crassly to cause offence to the faith and beliefs of an identifiable group". But the same advise not reserved for "India’s most celebrated painter".

Further as another reader pointed out, Chindu use L-to-E as means of communicating not so politically correct statements.Here reads one letter "Vicious, outrageous and provocative campaigns cannot be justified in the name of freedom of expression. The re-print of the cartoons in France, Germany and in other parts of Europe was wanton misuse of freedom, causing grievous hurt to the sentiments of Muslims.

When newspapers are reckless enough to publish vicious, provocative material, they should be ready to face the consequences."

Here are some other links to understand the true nature of Chindu -

sr said...

Also please refer to this editorial.
Though the damage was done , LiC is magnanimous in accepting clarifications... "Chief Minister Karunanidhi has done well to come up with a timely clarification that should put an end to the controversy". If all such issues can be settled just by issuing a post event clarification and rejoinders, this place would be as good as nandigram - for Chindu this is heaven.

EVR said...

What is LiC? You guys are like a cult with your own little argot.

Anonymous said...

A good [?] news

Anonymous said...


LiC- Liar in-chief, play on editor-in-chief. There are few posts which use it very often. It's not about a cult but just being a regular reader of this blog.

HF, Dirt Digger please try to produce literate rants since semi-literate ones are not okay. :-)

I don't meant to snicker but if hoary traditions are such a treasure what's wrong in spreading them liberally a la Danish cartoons.

Btw, sticking to the issue at hand too is a hoary tradition when it comes decent debate. It seems to have gone AWOL among literate ranters.

Dirt Digger said...

Thanks for the clarification on LiC.
I'll try to improve on writing a literate post, though the years of reading Chindu might hinder it. LOL.

Dirt Digger said...

In the editorial "", champion of muslim cause highlights "Freedom of expression is supremely important. But surely it does not require its champions crassly to cause offence to the faith and beliefs of an identifiable group". But the same advise not reserved for "India’s most celebrated painter".
Thanks for bringing this out sr . This example clearly shows the hollow principles of Chindu when tackling issues of similar nature. Similar issues like Palestine and Tibet will be handled separately. The incidents at Godhra and Nandigram will be handled separately. You can in fact observe there are 2 separate editorial sections working to publish the paper. Unfortunately percy and his ilk do not understand concepts like journalistic integrity, media objectivity and implicit propaganda before attacking others.

Hindu Fundamentalist said...

thanks sr for the links.

Anonymous said...

Percy is nobody but Siddhardh Varadarajan. You can frequently see him commenting on people's language skills and type errors. These are the same comments he was leaving in different names in his blog as well. His wife Nandini Sundar (who is a professor of everything in Sociology department) publishes in tabloid academic weeklies like EPW supports in issues which Sidd is not familiar with (such as socilogy of religion/caste). Well his father has done a book (which was reviewd in The Chindu, you know why) on Hinduism and mythology, etc.


Dirt Digger said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Percy rangreji said...

I should add that Judge Kaul has delivered an enlightened and forthright verdict that is as much a slap in the face of Hindu fanatics like Dirt Digger, HF< anonymous, ot, shankar, veera, socal and Fernandes. It is the equivalent of Oru Oru Gramathile SC judgment of 1989, which was slap on face of OBC and Dalit extremists, or Shah Bano case in another context.

Instead of applauding Indian judge for upholding core values of Indian judiciary, as Chindu has done, you bloggers are just indulging in 'idli' chatter ;-)

pilid said...

Percy - I think I finally see your point. I also agree the "communal" quotient in the posts and comments here is a bit too high for comfort. Thanks for the insights.

sr said...

pilid, I can't say I am getting the point here. Its absolute irony to name the posters as Hindu fanatics just for highlighting the double standards of Chindu. Here the subject is not about muslims/christians. They are being referred in the context of Chindu's approach. True to Chindu's tradition (or may I refer Dravidian Hindu as he proudly refers) defence is by calling names and showering abuses. What is the expectation here - Not to criticize Chindu for selective amnesia or the group should silently take any insult so as not to be branded as hindu fanatics? Here the central aspect is about Chindu's double standards. Enough evidence shown above. If pr having objection he can still defend that(!). While appreciating Chindu for supporting the judgement for upholding the "core values" of judiciary, it is equally valid and relevant to discuss the "core values" of journalism for which pr has no answer! Same Chindu has no mood to appreciate the judge for striking down the law to remove Dr.Venugopal. See how intentionally chindu reported the news in past " 2006061908250300.htm"

Anonymous said...

There has been another signifcant judgement (Dr. Venugopal vs. Dr. Anbumani) about the same time. But, surprisingly Chindu has not cared to "applaud Indian judge for upholding core values of Indian judiciary" (ain't that a mouthful). The news was relegated to a corner. We have also not seen that many letters (probably none) commenting on this judgement.

Chindu does not seem to be comfortable in defending Taslima, Rushdie and the Danish cartoonist in the same spirit as it valiantly defends the most "celebrated" Indian painter.

When Karunanidhi publicly denigrated Lord Rama, Chindu didn't care to even mildly admonish him. Whereas it jumps up and down even if there is any, perceived insult to "minority gods".

That is what's called double standards. Respect the sentiments of the majority community as you do for others. There is no minority quotient high or low, when this pointed out.

pilid said...

Le's not mix apples and oranges. I'll do a separate post on Ambumani and Aiims case later. But people forget the problems there began wih Venugopal insisting strikers should get paid. In my book, that's a no-no.

Anonymous said...

For those crying "communal", what's Chindu's position with respect to majority sentiments? How many times Chindu has spoken on govt./political/missionary machinations against the majority community?

pilid said...

Anon, you wrote: "For those crying "communal", what's Chindu's position with respect to majority sentiments? How many times Chindu has spoken on govt./political/missionary machinations against the majority community?"

Good question. Why don't you give us some examples of government machinations against the majority community.

I'm curious as to what exactly you mean. And tell me things that are explicitly against Hindus, not stuff like "Muslims can have more than one wife, Hindus can't" (ask Dharamendra and Hema Malini ;-)). Go on then.

Anonymous said...

To start with, bring all places of worship under one administration, if the govt. wants to play the role of religious administrator not only to Hindus, but everyone in India. Otherwise, for a secular-pretending govt. to meddle with the affairs of one religion, doesn't seem to be really secular.

Then think about implementing Uniform Civil Code (as given in the Directive Principles).

When anyone needs advice on bi/polygamy, then they can surely consult you.

Anonymous said...

Anon - thanks for bringing up UCC. You should know that under Indian laws today, it is not just Moslems who have their personal laws. So do the Hindus! And those Hindus advocating UCC do not want this common code to make changes in Hindu law -- which deny daughters equal inheritance rights! In other words, lack of UCC is as much a sopt of Moslem fundoos as to Hindu fundoos.

The second issue you say is bring all religious institutions under one admin. Why? Today, the state administers neither Hindu or Muslim or Sikh institutions. So I don't know what your point is.

But since this is the best you could come up with, it is clear that the statement that Government is anti-Hindu is just so much bombast, devoid of any proper reasoning.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous just above

How can someone advocate for UCC and still want to keep the Hindu personal law intact. Use your logic buddy.
"Today, the state administers neither Hindu or Muslim or Sikh institutions. So I don't know what your point is"
You dont know what his/her point is because you don’t know the facts. At least in my native state (Kerala) there are Devaswom boards, which run the Hindu temples. All the income generated at the temples goes to the state treasury, whereas the churches and mosques are run by respective religious bodies. The money is not nominal also, temples like sabarimala and Guruvayoor contribute hugely to the state revenue.
Another issue for you to ponder over; What about Hujj subsidy? Hope you have heard about that.

Anonymous said...

In Tamil Nadu, all the traditional temples are administered by the state govt. These include the famous ones such Mylapore Kapaleeswarar, Madurai Meenakshi and Palani Subramanya temples. In fact, there is a ministry exclusively meant for this purpose. In every temple there is an E.O. (Executive Officer, I presume) appointed by the govt. to control the affairs of the temple. The ruling politicians, otherwise proclaimed atheists and rationalists, do not mind enjoying the powers (and the perks that go along with it) to control the temples.

Try appointing an E.O. for the Santhome Cathedral or the Triplicane Mosque.

Recently, the TN Govt. changed the Tamil calender and decreed the birth of the new year from mid-April to mid-January. This was done in February with retrospective effect! And temples were warned not to celebrate the Tamil New Year in the month of Chittirai (mid-April).

In Andhra Pradesh, the well known Thirumala temple is under the control of the govt. and usually an IAS officer is in charge of the TTD (Thirumala Thirupathi Devasthanam). I don't know how many mosques in Hyderabad come under the control of the AP govt.

Anonymous said...

After all, just like secularism, UCC also figures in the constitution. Irrespective of what the Hindoos or the fundoos say, let the govt. not be a mandoo.

Over the years changes (some at least for the good) have been made in the Hindu law. How many changes did the govt. attempt on Muslim personal law (leave alone succeeding)?

The secular govt. should initiate a debate on UCC and implement, it as decreed in the constitution.

pilid said...

Hindus do not want UCC> They want Hindu personal law applied to all citizens of India.

Muslim properties are administered by Waqf boards.

In Tamilnadu and Kerala it is necessary to regulate temples to prevent rampant casteism there. In fact, same move is being contemplated by Hindu social reformers in Rajasthan.

Anonymous said...

@ Pilid
"Hindus do not want UCC> They want Hindu personal law applied to all citizens of India."
I am surprised to see such a mindless sweeping generlisation from an otherwise rational you. A large number of people (from all religious backgrounds) would like to see our nation function with a uniform civil code that confers with the era we live in. People who sideline the issue of UCC saying that the Hindus want their say have other motives or are ill-informed.
Kerala is one state where casteism is practically absent from public sphere. I am well-informed to say that having lived there for 30 years. The ratio of inter-caste marriages are on the rise, yours truly being a very happy benefitiary.
There is a clear case of double standards regarding the issue of temple administration by govt bodies. Let us be honest and admit that.

Anonymous said...

"In Tamilnadu and Kerala it is necessary to regulate temples to prevent rampant casteism there." What about 'rampant casteism' prevalent among Christians and their churches?

Readers are surely aware of the recent unfortunate incident in a village near Villupuram (TN) where a few people died due to police firing. Reason being violent clashes among the Christian castes (dalits and vanniars). The Dalit Christians complained that they were not being allowed to use the road leading to the Church (we don't if it is a public road) and also about the existence of separate cemetries.

Surprisingly the govt. did not deem it fit to "regulate" this and other churches which practise segregation. Neither did Chindu start any campaign nor advise the govt. in this regard. No criticism, not even a mild one, of the people indulging in this kind of "rampant casteism".

But, how nice and kind of the secularists in finding fault only with the Hindus and the extreme concern to "regulate" their places of worship.

And if one points out this kind of double standards, the person is immediately conferred the title "communal"! It is so simple.

socal said...


"In Tamilnadu and Kerala it is necessary to regulate temples to prevent rampant casteism there. In fact, same move is being contemplated by Hindu social reformers in Rajasthan."

Alright, you've caste discrimination in churches and mosques too. 65% of christians are ex-dalits as the church itself says while the majority of Christian priests, 80% or so, are upper castes. Is the govt. going to interfere with their affairs?

Would you want the govt to interfere in mosques because there is serious gender discrimination that goes on there? I hope you know some muslim women were asking for separate mosques only recently.

Anway, it is not govt. business to manage religious institutions. If it so worried about any discrimination it can set up rules or revoke licenses or legally help the discriminated group to build their own place of worship at best-- no monetary help mind well.

One appalling practice of govt apartheid against Hindu majority is that the govt quite shamelessly appropriates monies donated by Hindu devotees and fritters it for causes not related to Hinduism. A part also goes to paying salaries to Imams. If you still want to call this secularism that's your choice but most people see for what it is.

As for getting called 'communal,' coming from secular fascists like prangrezi I take it as a compliment. :-)

The Real HF said...

i think if moslems want to live in India they should have on problem with a universal civil code even if it is drawn from the hindus. Don't forget whose this country is.

L. Lort said...

I like this blog too much. All about my favorite paper, Chindu. Keep up the great work. May your tribe swell and be in family wal.