Friday, May 16, 2008

Fwd: CPM cadres bomb ally Minister's house

you won't hear this on chindu. n.ram will conveniently ignore this news.

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From: Girish
Bengal CPM cadres bomb ally Minister's house

Fri, May 16 02:37 AM
On Sunday, armed CPM cadres freely walked around in Nandigram and today, in one of the of the worst turf battles between two Left Front constituents CPM and the RSP, they allegedly bombed and set ablaze the house of Subash Naskar, West Bengal Irrigation Minister from the RSP. Gouri Naskar, a relative of the minister, sustained 90 per cent burns and was shifted to SSKM hospital in Kolkata where doctors said she was critical. Her husband, Uday Naskar, who is the Minister's nephew, also sustained burn injuries.


Shankar said...

Best wishes to N Ram's daughter Vidya. Here's her story in Forbes

The Fly In India's Growth Story
Vidya Ram

Anonymous said...

Whenever there was even a small difference of opinion or arguments among the NDA partners, Chindu's "special correspondents" would go overboard to highlight the same as if BJP suffered the greatest embarassment in its existence and predict the end of NDA. These were at the best only verbal exchanges.

But, what the bhadralok are witnessing is a real bloody fight among the comrades! Can we expect an editorial in tomorrow's Chindu, blaming it all on Mamta B and her Trinamool Congress?

Anonymous said...

Well, Chindu is getting wide coverage:

While it does appear that Rediff's reports are biased, I wonder if it's any different than a purely desi paper like TOI (or The Hindu) which can arguably also be shown to be in bed with forces external to India. (OK it's proven with The Hindu)

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Anonymous said...

What is Swami smoking? Good question. The chap is smoking a powerful narcotic substance called marxism. Among the many similarities marxism and Islamic etremism share, one is their ideological legitimization of violence against innocent peole. Jihadis call their hate targets nonbelievers and kill them, while marxists call them class enemies and kill them. In either case, there are no moral/ethical implications to the killing outside of those suggested, if any, by the ideology. That's where comrade swami is coming from. His perspective of jihadi killers is not the same as that of ordinary folks guided by ordinary values, hence he sees nothing wrong in meeting them halfway, if not submit to them outright.