Friday, May 23, 2008

Chindu on two educational initiatives

Two self-made billionaires, two philanthropic initiatives. Chindu appreciates one and ridicules the other.

The Hindu : Opinion / News Analysis : A B-school to empower the poor
But the Legatum centre is in stark contrast to MBA schools where graduates generally aim for well-paid jobs in consultancy or industry.

“We have a very successful fund here,” says Mr. McCormick. “If we wanted to just make money, we’d keep all our investments in the fund. But we’re looking to invest in people, ideas and situations. We want to build the intellectual capital of developing nations.”

The Hindu : Opinion / News Analysis : Vedanta University: a flawed pipe dream
While it is always a good deed when one of the world’s richest men takes an interest in higher education, it is unlikely that Vedanta University will achieve the desired results, no matter how much money Mr. Agarwal spends on it.
Given the contemporary realities, one cannot be very optimistic about Vedanta’s chances for success. Let us hope that those funding the project will have the foresight to anticipate the problems and maximise the chances for success.
I noted at the time that the tone was condescending on Vedanata and was showcasing Chindu's inherent bias. Compare the two articles above and judge for yourself.


Shankar said...

Every other news source highlighted how the Left was humbled in many places. Chindu's headline is in stark contrast.

Left Front wins most panchayats

Pilid said...

This article is taken from International Higher Education, a quarterly publication from Boston College. His central point is that $1 billion is not a sufficient amount for the intended size of the student body (100,000). He also raises questions regarding Agrawal's vision and whether the institution will have sufficient funds for operating expenses during its early years. But for the analysis based on the numbers, the rest is largely speculative. These estimates are certainly amenable to change as things move along, so it is quite premature to conclude that the project will fail. I am perplexed why Mr. Altbach is so anxious to pronounce its demise even before it has taken off.

Hindu Fundamentalist said...

thanks for the clarification, pilid. i wonder why chindu was eager to publish this half-baked analysis in the first place. as you have put it, it is largely speculative.

Anonymous said...

Who ever you are doing a great job. Keep exposing N Ram and his newspaper.

Anonymous said...

The peoblem with Agarwal's venture may be about the name, "Vedanta". If it had been named, "Secular", "Multicultural", "Subaltern" etc., Chief would have approved of it.