Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Succinct summary of the paintings issue

There has been an animated discussion on what constitutes objectionable art to whom and the bias towards certain sections of society shown by Chindu. In an interesting blog post here
there is a succinct picture of the core issue and basic hypocrisy shown by the media and certain sections of society.

The entire set of images can be accessed here here. I do wish that the people who so vehemently defended M.F.Hussain would show the same courtesy to people like Salman Rushdie, Taslima Nasreen, Geert Wilders(maker of Fitna) and Roger Köppel.


Shankar said...

Couldn't find this on Chindu print edition... not that I am surprised

Sachar favours Muslims alone, not right: Delhi HC

New Delhi: The Delhi High Court on Monday told the Centre the Justice Rajinder Sachar Committee’s report recommends schemes for Muslims and leaves out other minority communities.

"You are trying to please one community—poverty is the common enemy. You should fight against poverty rather than saying that you would fight against poverty for one community only. This is where the rot lies," said a two-member bench.

"You are saying that more money to be spent for one minority community. Should it not cut across the caste and religion? Does the Sachar committee say that facilities are available to other communities?" said the bench. "Such issues should not be decided on the basis of emotions".


Dirt Digger said...

Chindu has kept a hands-off approach to the Sachar committee issue. The last article on that topic was done about the lack of representation of women in the report. While the whole report itself was a sham, the issue of women being ignored by the report and their pitiable conditions in the Islamic community was neatly swept under the rug by the Sachar report. Check out this Link

L. Lort said...

oh, when was the last time those speaking of freedom of spech in the west have published an antisemitic cartoon, or mocked the holocaust?

Dirt Digger said...

The question posed is as a follower of Chindu and other Indian media. Chindu has made long claims of being a champion of media objectivity and LiC has made several statements about the responsibility of ensuring freedom of speech is protected.
The question is why are only some sections the beneficiaries of 'freedom of speech'?

socal said...

Are you telling us that printing Islam's prophet Mohammed's cartoons will be okay if anti-semitic cartoons are allowed to be published?

It is easy to show that the western press has indeed published anti-semitic cartoons. Some even won awards. I will provide a link if you can assure your support for Mohammed cartoons.

Anonymous said...

L. Lort,
holocaust is real history with millions of victims. only two kinds of people mock the holocaust - demented christians like Mel Gibson, or jihadi muslims like that iranian president. which of these are you?