Thursday, July 10, 2008

China nips Islamic threat by shutting down mosques

i read this article in ToI and thought the comrades would have found it too difficult to handle and so in the true communist tradition would suppress the news. the indian communists support islamic terrorism in india but oppose it in china.

n.ram also wrote an editorial about the great future of nepal after the maoists came to power. he went to the extent of saying how it must be replicated in india. most newspapers carried an article about the maoist discrimnation against hindus. chindu covered nepali politics but avoided the subject.

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Have you guys seen this news from the times of India and the following news from Xinhua ?

Did you note the mention of about a "holy war" there ? -- a holy war against our LiC's fatherland. That reminded me about this famous editorial from the chief.

Following that train of thought, I wonder what made these men participate in such a "holy war" against "a society that nurtured
them" ? -- was it the "Iraq war" ?! Could it be "cultural alienation and experiences of racism" ?! Could it be the "anger against the U.S. and the United Kingdom" ?! Or don't they have "inclusive societies free from Islamophobia" there
in the Chinese heaven ?!

In any case It CANNOT be "Muslim rage" for sure!

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