Friday, July 18, 2008

Guess Where the Karats Chose to Vacation

I just found this TOI news item on RealityCheck. Apparently, the leader of the party committed to anti-Americanism, Prakash Karat along with his marxist comrade and lifemate Brinda Karat, just returned from a vacation in the US!!!! Of course, the communists love to talk about how they want friendly relations with the US but not a strategic relationship but by preferring the US for a vacation rather than China, they seem to miss the irony of it entirely. The capitalist policies and practices that have made the US their preferred destination could likewise work wonders for India....if only he and his brethren-in-obstruction were to allow it.

None of this should perhaps come as a surprise given that there are various other examples. N.Ram's daughter, for example, recently graduated from Columbia and now works at Forbes, a magazine that has made its name by deifying the rich and famous, best known for its lists of the Fortune 500 and the richest people in the world - neither of them exactly a symbol of communist success. Double talk, unfortunately, is virtually an epigenetic trait of the Indian red brigade and the Karats, it appears, are symbolic of this fact.


Anonymous said...

Great find...The commies are exposed.

Anonymous said...

Read the comments section of this post in Siddharth Varadarajan 's blog.(go to the bottom of the page, to see the comments).
When questioned Varadarajan agrees that he had no basis for certain claims that he made in that article. He sounds funny when he said that the mood of the people around him (in The Hindu's office?) is equivalent to the mood of the majority of the Indians!

This is how the Deputy Editor of this famous newspaper invents facts ! After many years, claims in this EPW article will be quoted as "facts"!

Pilid said...

Anon #1, thanks for your comment.

Anon #2, thanks for pointing that out. A number of commentators at The Hindu have made similar claims (Harish Khare leads the pack claiming to have some ESP of the popular mood all the time). Most Indian journalists seem to confuse their personal preferences with analytical outcomes - the articles in this paper on the recently concluded Gujarat election is a case in point where a pro-Congress wave was 'detected' by Neena Vyas and others a priori based on little more than fanciful conjecture. In fact, in one particular article, the sole evidence she presented was the enthusiastic response of a security guard at a Congress rally!

EPW perspectives are in many ways not unlike The Hindu. They are usually leftist in orientation with many authors taking potshots at the BJP. Added to that, they often convey views based on the authors' own political leanings. This is increasingly true of many academic journals which are corrupted by political philosophies. This is not to discount studies that these journals publish - for the most part, studies are still done by experts and are authentic. In fact, it is such studies that give these journals their name more than anything else.

Anonymous said...

// In fact, in one particular article, the sole evidence she presented was the enthusiastic response of a security guard at a Congress rally! //

it was not a security guard, a police constable. and it was not Gas, possibly something named vidya

Anonymous said...

Yes, IT was Vidya Subramanian (Of the BOfors Scandal fame) who went about confidentally predicting the CON gress victory in Gujarat, merely because in her wisdom the Policeman on duty informed her that even though the crowds are there for the BJP rally, the people are fully behingd Soniaji.
My left foot, I said then.


Anonymous said...

That Siidarth Varadarajan is not an apolitical person requires no further proof than in his baiting the BJP, in which case there would be no merit in any discussions on his professed views. He somehow rationalises the CPM leaders foolish statement of muslims disenchantment with the effects of the Indo US Nuclear deal by stating that the CPM president had immediately corrected the perception and therefore things are pristine and clear. There is a lot of bigotry in his reference to the BJP.

Going by the general mood, there is a lot of debate (Healthy and otherwise)on the usefulness or otherwise of the nuclear deal. If anybody has let down the Country, it is the Communist parties in India. If they had serious reservations about the deal, being the party propping up the government, it should have made things very clear to the Government, at the very outset that they will oppose the deal at all costs. Then the Government of the day could have contended with the issue and taken such corrective measure as needed, one possibility, of which, could also be to seek a fresh mandate.

But here was the catch. Communists, known for their attitude of enjoying power without accountability, would not have the fluke of 60 or more of their MP's imposed on the Country, another time, so instead of being forthright in their negation of the deal, set in motion the various parleys where they kept yielding little by little, even while throwing enough sound bytes to convey that they were still opposed to the deal. But Congress was good enough to call their bluff and the Left is history. So instead of ruing for their arrogance, they seem to spewing venon on all and sundry, willing to embrace people whom they held with scorn. The party has also proved that when it comes to power they are no different from the Congress or other regional parties (example Speaker refusing to toe the line and the CPM President who was (and is) strident with the Congress, suddenly going very soft on him).


Anonymous said...

What Karat did is typical of communist leaders! In Kerala, SFI vehemently opposed opening of private/self-financing engineering colleges calling it "commercialization of education". They went on strike forcing all regular colleges to shut down for many many days. But CPM leader (now chief minister) Achuthanandan's son happily paid money and joined a private engg college in Tamil Nadu to do MCA.

Story of the son and daughter of Mr. Pinarayi Vijayan, CPM state secretary appears the same. Wikipedia says his daughter is an Engineering graduate in Amrutha Institute of Technology, managed by Mata Amritanandamayi Math

Karat is the leader of Vijayan and Achuthanandan, no doubt!

Parkashan Singh Karat said...

CPM = Comunist party of Mayawathi

Pilid said...

Anon #2 and #3, thanks for the corrections - my memory obviously failed me in the details.

I do not know if the government actually discussed the nuclear deal with the Left before the agreement was concluded. If they had done it, would the Left have supported it then? Maybe but I doubt it.

Anon #4,
Excellent point. I was not aware of this but again, this is not at all surprising. Thanks again for highlighting that.

Yup, it certainly looks like the CPM is willing to sup with her now - perhaps she is even bankrolling the opposition effort to buy government MPs. After all, there are not many in the UNPA who are currently in power beside her.

Anonymous said...

Op-ed by N.Ravi in support of the nuclear deal

Anonymous said...


Definitely there was a UPA LEFT coordination committee,which was taking stock of the Nuclear deal in some format. If the CON gress had really tried to be Bipartisan they would have brought about the discussions in the parliament, notwithstanding the fact that there was parliamentary compulsion (only a moral compulsion- as the foriegn policy should permeate any government at the Centre).PV Narasimha Rao practiced this principle and therefore there was no reason why this dispennsation could not have done the same. Instead, they have put a lot a pressure on themselves and uncharacteristically seem to be spewing venom on BJP politics.


Anonymous said...

The comrade couple had a strong desire to wipe their asses with chinese made toilet paper. They cannot do it in China, as they will be kicked on their asses for being indian spies, So they decided for a vacation to US and bought those toilet papers in walmart.