Saturday, July 19, 2008

Why N.Ravi provides a semblance of balanced views

This blog among several others have argued for Chindu presenting a balanced approach towards presenting the issues contributing to the whole Nuclear brouhaha. It has followed the piper's (Left) tune since the beginning and has disavowed listening to the thought process of the other side. During this process of transformation, Chindu has decided to bury the hatchet (at least temporarily) with its mortal enemies the BJP and tried to find some common ground with their grouses against the UPA.
Finally probably with a lot of pressure from its readers, probably with some political impetus from Madame S' minions, N. Ravi the former Editor of Chindu presents the flip side with rare objectivity that has been missing for a while. The article titled 'Missing the wood for the trees' is presented here.
The article dissects the issues clouding the entire N-deal and presents some of the important facets for the consideration of the reader.The tone shifts from the usual patronizing tone of LiC to a more toned down approach seeking to build consensus with the reader. This is likely an exception to the rule, but to long time readers it does bring some thoughts of what might have been.


Anonymous said...

Consider the recent article by Malini P (virulently anti-BJP) batting for Sonia Congress. This, along with the present writeup by Ravi indicates some split within the Chindu family. While being broadly anti-BJP, now there seems to be two wings one pro-commie (Ram) and pro-Congress (Ravi and Malini). Now, it only remains for Murali to come out with his views on the nuke deal.

Prudent Indian said...

N.Ravi had always been a balanced man and Chindu was pretty fair under him till Ram took over and converted Chindu to an extended organ of CPI Mafioso.

Pilid said...

Is not some election scheduled paper that will decide who gets to run the paper? Does anyone know if N.Ravi will be a candidate running for Chief Editor?

Shankar said...

This govt has some explaining to do on one more national security concern

Jet makes a ‘major coup’

... it took almost three years for Jet to finally win Chinese government clearance.

The reason for the foot dragging on the Chinese side was that New Delhi had at one point blocked the entry of Chinese cargo carrier Great Wall Airlines to Mumbai and Chennai, reportedly due to key nuclear facilities being located near these two airports. The Indian government’s apprehensions, enquiries show, sprang from the fact that one of the former owners of the airline in question — China Great Wall Industry Corporation — was blacklisted by the U.S. for alleged transfer of missile technology to Iran.

Beijing’s obstruction of Jet Airways’ plans was thus a retaliatory measure. New Delhi finally cleared the way for Great Wall Airlines in January this year, during Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s China visit.

Shankar said...

Funny little commercial for Logitech

USB hub: a ‘must-have’ for notebook owners

Anand Parthasarathy

Logitech’s premium 4-port model comes with its own power adaptor

Anonymous said...


"Does anyone know if N.Ravi will be a candidate running for Chief Editor?"


Ummmm... do not think so. Seems unlikely, unless malini cross the floor.

not so anonymous

sdb said...

I agree with prudent indian that N Ravi has been a very balanced person in his writings.
I remember he had also written a nice article on the SEZs which looked at all sides of the issue.

In fact he had, I think, written the 1st article immediately after the deal was announced and had welcomed it.

Subsequently the paper retracted it and claimed all sorts of reasons for doing so--none of which was sound at all.

Anonymous said...

Any one know more about this? Even diehard sudo-pseculars like Varadarajan can be censored by CHindu? Can this be true?

The nuclear deal is a sensitive subject for The Hindu. Its chief editor is opposed to it, and senior staff have to toe the editorial line. Siddharth Vardarajan’s article on July 12,saying it wasn’t such a bad deal after all, was countered on July 14 by Prabir Purkayastha, a contributor, who rebutted Vardarajan’s arguments. The latter’s rejoinder was carried on his own blog, not in the paper. But on July 19 the paper’s editor, N Ravi has taken up cudgels on behalf of the Deal, so it gets more interesting.

Anonymous said...

S. Varadarajan (and for that matter, H. Khare, N. Vyas et al) is a paid worker and normally, only those reports that toe the established "editorial" policy are likely to be published. But, the case of N. Ravi is different. Being a co-proprietor, he can not be just censored.

Perhaps, readers may be in a for a Reliance-like brotherly battle!