Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Chinese Olympics invitation to India

ToI carried this news item which I could not locate in Chindu. These are conscious and measured signals being sent out by the Chinese and we will be fooling ourselves by chanting hindi-chini bhai bhai. Once mistaken, twice foolish. There are no pretensions from China about Sino-Indian relations. It has even stopped attempting to camouflage its aggression. But the paid agents in India keep singing paeans on the peaceful rise of China.

Beijing 2008: China invites Sonia, not PM or Prez-India-The Times of India
Eighty heads of state and government will grace the Beijing Olympics in August but PM Manmohan Singh will not be among them.

Not because he is too busy, but because he was not invited. In fact, neither India's head of state nor government have been invited, with the invitation going to its most important politician, Sonia Gandhi.

But even if you are really charitable, it can't be denied that it's yet another Chinese snub of pretty large proportions, and no amount of earnest protestations from government functionaries about the wonderful state of Sino-Indian relations will change that.

In October 2007, when Sonia visited Beijing, she received a welcome fit for a head of state. It raised eyebrows in India because it showed where the Chinese government was focusing its attention.

China's internal troubles did not stop it from keeping the Indian government is a state of permanent squirm — first with repeated claims to Arunachal and then by incursions into Sikkim. In fact, foreign minister Pranab Mukherjee was faced with a sudden cancellation of his meeting with Chinese premier Wen Jiabao.


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please get your facts right it was for the indian olympic comitee to recommend to china the name of who will be invited by the chinese govt and the indian olympic comitee(headed by prolific boot licker mr kamadia) chose mrs Sonia gandhi,I am no fan of the chinese but its time we sort our own house in order.