Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Campaign journalism

The LiC has on many occasions blown his own trumpet "claiming" that Chindu never indulges in campaign journalism. Everyone knows that is as true as Madam Maino claiming she is Indian. After Sorrabuddin Shiek and Md.Haneef sagas, here is another instance of Chindu's campaign journalism.

A pro Ashis Nandi campaign is currently on and am sure the LiC would have little trouble in "explaining" the contradiction if it is brought to his notice.After all the LiC was someone who effortlessly did a somersault on the N deal. The ease with which he managed the somersault made me wonder whether he is preparing for the gymnastics event for the Beijing Olympics.Perhaps, his bit to help boost China's medal tally.

Now, this selective approach to campaign journalism raises many questions. When the the entire ELM was milking the Jessica Lal, Priyadarshini Matoo et al cases dry, the Chindu was restrained. Was this due to its inability to derive mileage out of these or because of principles? I bet the LiC would say it is because of the latter. Why then was this principle not followed in the Haneef/Sorrabuddin or now in the Ashis Nandy case? What is the basis for this selective approach?

The urge to uphold the freedom of expression cannot be the reason because this very paper refused to publish a signature campaign by similar intellectuals protesting the Nandigram pogrom.

So it's neither principles nor ethics, but sheer opportunism that guides its policies. Why doesn't Chindu just stop being pretentious and acknowledge that it is as bad as other newspapers. It just doesn't deserve taking the moral high ground.


Anonymous said...

In the campaign list, a few names are tagged to a fancy designation, i.e. "independent scholar"! Which would mean there are also scholars who are "dependent"?

Another signature carries the following institution as affiliation: "Ransellier Polytechnic Institute, USA." Chindu perhaps did not care to verify the correct name "Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute" (unless relly an institution exists by the name of Ransellier Polytechnic Institute!). Normally, "intellectuals" are fussy about their affiliation.

It is also somewhat funny to see a good number of these leftist worthies comfortably placed in Yankee land.

R said...

I wonder where were these "academics", "public intellectuals" etc when Taslima was hounded out of Bengal and India ? We didn't have any signature campaign or statement -- anyone wonder why ?!

In the Ashish Nandi case, a criminal offence is registered against him for writing "inflammatory article" that was "prejudicial to national integration and intended to cause friction and promote enmity between different communities on grounds of religion, race, language and place of birth." [according to newspaper reports].

But aren't the CPM guys experts in doing similar things ?

For example, take the following case from Kerala:

There CPM wants to register a criminal offence against well known writers of Kerala -- M N Vijayan and Sudheesh -- for writing some "some sensational articles on the People's Plan Campaign".

Isn't this the same ? In both the instances criminal cases are initiated against "writers". But when it is done by BJP, all "academics" and "intellectuals" rally in the name of "harrassment" of writers; when it is done by CPI(M) no "intellectuals" are seen anywhere to protest!

Hope "intellectuals" have some intelligence to know that we the common men and women and not fools

postscript: In the MN Vijayan issue in kerala, CPM-guys filed a criminal petition against Vijayan and suedheesh and and court acquitted both of them(court said that the CPM's allegations were baseless)

Anonymous said...

In a rush to get into the intellectual bandwagon, every Tom, Dick and Harry is putting his/her name in. Even if you are a lecturer (the lowest position in the teaching ladder) in a third rated university not known for any academic rigour, you get co-opted into this intellectual bandwagon. I was browsing some of these names and shocked to see the name of one signatory Soumhya Venkatesan of Manchester University. This university is the last choice for teachers to work in and the students to study in the UK. She has not published anything serious in her own field. All she has done is to publish one article in 'Seminar' and another in 'Contributions to Indian Sociology'. Not even Indian sociologists read these two. I am sure the students of sociology in India publish in better journals. She has already become an intellectual. There are also many other interesting names in this list.


Dirt Digger said...

A lot of the people mentioned in that list are:
a. Not intellectuals
b. Figment of LiC's and his staff's imagination.
How does one be classified as an 'intellectual'?
The definition is open to discussion. Luminaries would be a better adjective, but intellectual sounds vague.
People like,
Andrea Pinto, Librarian - there is no published work of hers which is distinguishing.
Or, Vrinda Grover, Marg - some lawyer. Does that mean every lawyer is an intellectual?
Jean Robert, Architect, Mexico - again another vague character.
Chindu's policy appears to be plugging in warm bodies as so called intellectuals makes it look like politicians who pay to get crowds for their rallies.

Dirt Digger said...

Great point. My post above echoes your thoughts. Its as like SRK bringing in Aftab and Arbaaz and claiming them as A-list stars in OSO.

Karthik said...

Did any of u read this Op-ed from the Krishna Iyer.
This is a hilarious piece of shit I ever read. Initially I thought he was being sarcastic then I realized he is serious. I can't control my laughter. This guy is stupidest guy I ever seen. And It is fit that he is writing for Chindu. Is he former Judge or something? No wonder India was so poor when guys like these were running the country. Basically he wants us take India to the likes of North Korea and Stalins Russia, He thinks those are the heaven on Earth. Man so funny so funny.
I would love for you guys shred this reptile brain article piece by piece. Happy 4th you all.