Monday, July 07, 2008

TOI: Denying Hindus space

I hope against hope that we get to see such articles in chindu.
Denying Hindus space-The Right View-Tarun Vijay-Columnists-Opinion-The Times of India


Anonymous said...

Though TOI, Indian Exp etc are not-so-great papers in reporting, the best thing about them is that they give space for views from all quarters. TOI publishes Tarun Vijay and others while IE publishes Arun Shourie et al. I have never seen Chindu publishing any article that seriously disagrees with the left parties. In modern times i expect a newspaper to provide different perspectives on a given issue and leave the readers to decide who is sensible and who is not. But Chindu is denying their readers a chance to listen to different views on any issue. I guess Chindu should be declared as the fascistic newspaper of India.

HF, thanks for exposing them.

Dirt Digger said...

thanks for the link on the article by tarun vijay. Chindu does not have the principles and integrity needed to allow any article of that nature.