Thursday, July 31, 2008

US Confirms Indian Allegations of ISI Help in Afghan Embassy Bombing

Check out this news item in the NYT. I am adding this here though it has nothing to do with The Hindu simply because it is important enough to recognize that this is the first time to my knowledge that Indian allegations regarding a specific terrorist attack have been confirmed so promptly and publicly by American Intelligence Officials. Whether this will lead to greater belief in Indian claims and lead to increased cooperation in combating the designs of the ISI remains to be seen. The US with its billions of dollars in aid commands far greater influence in the Pakistani government than India does and American pressure might be far more successful than our own efforts to get that government to reign in the militant infrastructure has been. Whether this will benefit India with respect to the ongoing investigations into the recent terrorist bombings and more importantly, whether any of the suspects implicated in any attacks in India will be extradited owing to American efforts remains to be seen. The possibility, I admit, continues to be far fetched but it appears that prospects are slowly getting brighter little by little by the day.


CodeNameV said...

Hi, nice blog you are running. N.Ram is from an orthodox Hindu family. He should be ashamed of what he turned the paper into. I still prefer The Hindu to the Trash of India, as many call TOI lovingly!!! I just wanted to know what your comments would be on the special article on D.D.Kosambi who was under-the-hood marxist historian. I would really like to read a post abt the article published yesterday in the Hindu. Here is the link

Pilid said...

Thanks for the comment, codenamev.

Unfortunately, I am not all that familiar with Kosambi's writings to be able to comment. I started reading a book of his a long time ago but never finished it and cannot recall what I read. As you point out, it is said that he adopted the Marxist approach to history though Ramachandra Guha, no admirer of communism, claims that he was not all enamored by political marxism or our home grown communist parties. I do not know how true this is.
The current issue of EPW ( is full of articles on Kosambi if you are interested.

Shankar said...

I pity the Pakis. Their only claim to fame is their capacity to cause violence and bloodshed.

I have no doubt that most of us will be witnessing the break up of this failed state well within our lifetime.