Friday, August 01, 2008

Real question about India-Pak peace talks, can puppets make progress?

The Chindu and its Pak dhimmi Nirupama Subramanian has often been the flag bearer of a blindly optimistic view of a benevolent Pakistan in the past. With the recent bomb blasts in Kabul at the Indian embassy followed shortly by blasts in Indian cities all linking the ISI to the blasts, there is obvious suspicion of Pakistan's overt gestures of peace and friendship.
However the Chindu in its Leader (Dhimmi) page article titled India-Pakistan peace process: hopes & fears does not think so.
It took a meeting between Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and President Pervez Musharraf in Cuba to set the process back on track. Despite their fears, Pakistanis who desire peace and friendship with India are hoping that Prime Ministers Singh and Gilani will be able to recreate some of that Havana magic in Colombo.

I'm sure Pakistanis want peace. How about talking to the Indian families who have lost their kin due to ISI sponsored blasts? Surely they are holding the olive branch too.
In the past India has had several discussions with Pakistan several times, each time peace has been short lived mostly by ISI or ISI supported terrorists attacking India or creating some disruption. With the recent power struggle between the Pak Govt. and ISI, won by the goons at ISI handily, what point does this meeting to trade with Pakistan serve? How does talking peace with a snake lead to anything positive for India? Don't these idiots have any memory of what happened in the past?
The Prime Minister of Pak does not have the power to control his Army, the ISI, half of his country is already lost to the Taliban and the US Government is conducting ops against terrorists within his soil without his knowledge. What power or authority does he have for the Indian Government to conduct discussions with him?
The Prime Minister of India, Manmohan Singh just won a no-confidence vote simply because of help from few brokers like Amar Singh and Ahmed Patel who managed to coerce enough votes for cash. The main control happens to be with the Balidaan Devi Sonia Gandhi (Thanks to Prudent Indian for the term). The recent blasts and the ineffable response of the Indian Government is proof of the real potency of the UPA when it comes to national security. Hence the discussion between these puppets promises to lead to nothing solid or positive.
It is ironic that Chindu does not acknowledge the fact that Pakistan is a failed state and is ready to implode now more than ever with the lack of the balancing (however flawed) force that was Gen. Musharraf.


Anonymous said...

Pakistan was created by colonial forces and it still owes existence to them, except that the big master has changed from UK to US. And we have our own candle light-secular brigade represented by Chindu who never fails to profess sympathy for the jihadi state and refuses to acknowledge that Pak is a failed nation fighting for life in the ICU.

socal said...

Since I don't read the Marxist rag I must ask you how Chindu has covered Solzhenitsyn's death. He exposed their fatherland interminably. Jean-Paul Sartre considered him dangerous because of his Gulag Archipelago.

Anonymous said...

A three-horse race in the next election

Vidya Subrahmaniam
After her predictions during the Gjuajrat assembly elections, folks would have thought that Vidya-ben learnt something about predictions. But, being from Chindu stable, she wouldn't want to miss an occasion to run down BJP, which is her prediliction.

Besides, propping up and prophesying about the latest left-secular icon, Mayawati, Vidya-ben seems to have carried out her opinion on the fate of BJP, in the aftermath of the recent confidence vote in the Lok Sabha.

Hence, her emphatic assertion, "Indeed, post the trust vote, there is near unanimity that the BJP has come off the worst. The party has lost face following its inability to hold its parliamentary flock."

Unlike other parties (to which BJP also belongs), CPM is supposed to be a strong disciplined, cadre-based party. But, one of its prominent members ditched the party in favour of a "constitutional" peda.

That Chindu has not yet recovered from the shock of its prominent left-icon Somnath-da disobeying the party dictat, is glaring and evident.

BJP did not move any no-confidence motion. It was CPM which provoked the crisis in the central govt. by withdrawing support to the UPA and cut a sorry figure in the bargain. Poor Vidya-ben. Let her have the satisfaction of imagining BJP losing out to Mayawati.

Dirt Digger said...

That in a gist is the reason for Pak's existence. When your own country's rational ideals are being dismissed just to support secular thoughts therein lies the failure of the media.

Dirt Digger said...

Do check out the latest post on this blog.

Dirt Digger said...

This Vidya Subrahmaniam is another one from the stable of idiots like neena vyas, pallavi aiyar etc.
Wonder how LiC conducts interviews for these people.
Just cribbing that the grapes are sour.
Makes little sense.

Anonymous said...

Articles in Chindu by ladies like Nirupa, Neena, Vidya et al are like English Essays written by school childeren. Full of romantic, idealistic thoughts, beautiful words but with complete ignorance of real situation on ground. Good enough maybe , for improving your english essay writing skill, nothing else.