Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Chindu manipulates Solzhenitsyn even after his death.

A frequent reader and friend of this blog asked about Chindu's coverage of Nobel Prize winner Solzhenitsyn's death. For those who do not know who Solzhenitsyn please do take the time to find out. A very strong writer who chose to write about the inhumane conditions most Russians lived under Stalin's communist regime and his depictions of the tortures in the Gulag (books like Cancer Ward, Gulag Archipelago) bring are very poignant. Chindu covered his death in an article here.
However the headline blurb of the article reads,
The fierce Russian nationalist denounced West’s "hedonism"

Is this objective journalism? I can understand the fact that Chindu would find it hard to praise someone who adeptly and successfully criticized the Marxist Communist ideology which it supports. He pointed out that,
Communism will always be totalitarian and violent

However Chindu does not find any facts about him worth headlining, like his support for human rights or his literary skills. It is sad that Chindu has to taint his contributions by taking potshots at the West.

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