Tuesday, August 26, 2008

How Buddhadeb is falling into Chindu's bad books

The Chindu has been an outspoken supporter of left wing principles even when it has been destructive to the country and its people, even when it has been divisive, even when it has been anti-patriotic.
It parrots Left wing comments and the standard principles of communism which have been proved to be inefficient over the world.
Now Buddhadeb a reasonably pragmatic mind in the WB government of idiots decides to talk about bandhs and gheraos,
Bandhs do not help the country, he said at an interactive session with the industry, organised by the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry. But since I belong to one party I have to keep mum if they call a strike, he said in his usual candid style. But he had decided that the next time, he would open his mouth.

Speaking bravely without looking at repercussions, he continues to put a leash on the unions,
Mr. Bhattacharjee said trade unions need to behave and the State government was trying its best to change the mindset of their leaders and workers.

Now the mouse has decided to bell the cat. Lets see how Karat, Biman Bose and his cronies respond.


Venkat said...

The Hindu gets FDI from the middle kingdom to keep our country backwards and hence we all know what opinions will carry weightage and The Hindu. I will not be surprised if they change their name sometime soon citing some "contemporary challenges to their objective reporting"

Where is Karat nowadays? After left was thrown out of the UPA coterie, there doesn't seem to be much noise from Karats and Bardhans... Are the Karats holidaying in Swiss?

Anonymous said...


CPI(M) distances itself from Buddhadeb's remarks

Kolkata (PTI): The CPI(M) on Wednesday distanced itself from West Bengal Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee's remarks that he does not support any bandh, which has generated a country-wide repercussion, forcing the Left allies to plan to raise the issue at its next meeting.

"This is not our party's stand," the state secretary of the party Biman Bose, who is also the Left Front chairman, told reporters today when his reaction was sought on the Chief Minister's anti-bandh remarks.

Anonymous said...

Folks can eagerly await a grand self-confession, in the true Marxist-Stalinist tradition, from Buddhada. May be he will be shifted out to some party assignment to work for the glory of the proletariat.

Anonymous said...

Buddha said "since in UNFORTUNATELY belong to a party..." etc. I heard him on the television. Why did Chindu drop that "unfortunately"? Does it means he wants out if CPM does not behave?

Anonymous said...

Well, it is bound to happen in a place where (dinosaurs thriving on anachronistic) ML philosophy wins over commensense and the larger public interest.

"Buddha says sorry for anti-bandh remarks"

Kolkata, August 29: Under sharp criticism from the Left leaders, West Bengal CM Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee apologised for his anti-bandh remarks.