Wednesday, August 13, 2008

N.Ram chooses China over Islamic terrorism

The Hindu : Opinion / Editorials : Terrorism in Xinjiang
The recent revival of terrorist activity in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in northwest China has coincided with the opening phase of the 2008 Summer Olympics and it is reasonable to conclude that there is a linkage.

Grand opening by the drum-beater. They are not militants but terrorists. By contrast, the serial blasts and suicide attacks in India are by militants.
What is clear after the attacks of August 4 and 10 in the minority region is that Islamist terrorism menaces China as well.

Couple of attacks is enough to label it Islamist terrorism. I am sure if the same incident happened in India, N.Ram would look at it in terms of ethnic conflict or independent movement.
According to this theory, Uyghurs were restive about Han Chinese migrating to the province in large numbers. These stock critiques failed to take into account the fact that the economic condition of the people of Xinjiang, both indigenous and immigrant, has improved significantly after the People’s Republic began its programme to develop the natural resources of the region.

Is this not the same argument used to ridicule the Tibetan movement. Economic grounds is hardly any justification for China to indulge in ethnic cleansing.
That the Chinese central government financed the rebuilding of mosques and other religious institutions was also overlooked.

This is a poor argument. China is altering the demographics of Xinjiang by migrating Han Chinese. The Uighurs are reacting. That China is rebuilding mosques is hardly an issue in this discussion.
The Uyghur extremists have demonstrated, in much the same manner as their fellow jihadists in other parts of the world, that their agenda is not shaped by a desire to redress socio-economic grievances!

We have demonstrated on several occasions how Chindu justified jihad in India on the grounds that it was a reaction to the socio-economic inequalities. Here Liar-in-Chief goes on to say that jihad worldwide is not shaped by socio-economic grievances. Turncoat editor views China and the rest of the world with different lenses.
China, which repulsed the first wave of Uyghur extremism in the 1990s, should be able to contain the recent attempt at a revival by the East Turkestan Islamic Movement. However, it could certainly do with more assistance than it has received so far from the leading actors in the campaign against global terrorism.

Now he indulges in his characteristic drum-beating for the Chinese. Not only is he standing up for China but asking the whole world to put its weight behind China.
What a contrast with all those editorials we see from N.Ram on Islamic terrorism in India.


Anonymous said...

".......the economic condition of the people of Xinjiang, both indigenous and immigrant, has improved significantly after the People's Republic began its programme to develop the natural resources of the region." Thus spake the Chief.

Now replace Xinjiang with the Kashmir valley. Why not allow other Indians ("outsiders" in the secular-jihadi parlance) to begin a programme to develop the natural sources of the region. Sure the economic condition of the people of Kashmir, both indigenous and immigrant, will show remarkable improvement.

Will the Chief ever have the guts to speak in this manner also?

Andromeda said...

Unbelievably, the LiC manages to offload part of the blame to the US.. he absurdly argues that the US should have handed over the Uyghurs terror suspects nabbed during the Afghan invasion to China instead of deporting them to Albania. But, wasn't the LiC against the war? How can he now say that the US should have handed over Uyghurs terrorists to the Chinese? Had the US done this, would the war be justified? I am just left gasping as to how an editor can put forth such hollow arguments..

Anonymous said...

'The irony is that it is the Indian taxpayer who is being bled mercilessly to sustain another Pakistan within the "secular" Indian state. How long?'

Superbly put. For the detailed expose, see:

Amarnath imbroglio: should the Himalayas be de-Sanskritized?
Shashi Shekhar Toshkhani
30 July 2008

Shankar said...

Good catch Andromeda.... notice that he doesn't preach any of the tolerance to his Chinese masters. Tolerance lessons are reserved for Hindus.

Dirt Digger said...

The larger issue which the media chooses to conveniently ignore is a lack of standards for similar issues. For example, when US attacked Iraq for slaughtering its citizens the Chindu cried hoarse about human rights and imperialism. However when Russia decides to invade Georgia for murdering its own citizens, Chindu rants against the Georgian leader and the genocide of the Ossetian people. The article can be read here,