Monday, August 18, 2008

Why there is no Patriotism within Kashmir?

As per the implementation of Article 370 of the Indian constitution there are thousands of crores being spent on the citizens of Jammu and Kashmir every year. This includes the military resources used to protect the common citizens from militants. In the light of the Amarnath issue which was precipitated a state logjam by certain Kashmiri Islamist groups who now decide that the money and security provided by India is not enough. They would rather decide to live in poverty, squalor and terrorist mayhem that is Pakistan. As reported by the Chindu in an article titled, Islamists plan pro-Pakistan protest .
Mr. Praveen Swami a proponent of the imaginary theory of socio-economic inequality being a key reason of Islamic terrorism is the bearer of the bad news.
In an unprecedented development, the Jammu and Kashmir government has allowed Islamists to stage a massive pro-Pakistan protest in the heart of Srinagar ignoring warnings from India’s intelligence services that the decision could lead to a meltdown of state authority.

The entire article reads how the various pro-Islamic and quasi-terrorists like the Hurriyat have held the state in a state of virtual blackmail. Even the police is no exception,
Last week, Kulgam Senior Superintendent of Police Imtiaz Mir was reported to have been surrounded by a mob and compelled to raise pro-Pakistan slogans.

The silver lining here in this case appears to be that the moderate leaders like Yasin Malik and Maulvi Shaukat Shah have condemned the secessionist approach followed by the Islamist leaders.
Protestors from various political groups have infiltrated crowds celebrating Shab-e-Baraat a night of fasting and penance when, in popular Islamic tradition, Allah prepares the destiny of mortals for the coming year.

One hopes that in addition to preparing the destiny, some pragmatism is also given to the Islamists.
The Chindu has blamed everyone from Ghulam Nabi Azad to Saurav Ganguly to the BJP and has abrogated the Islamists so far for all their nonsense.
It would be interesting to see how LiC and his cronies would approach the patriotism test when the Islamists ask for an Independent Kashmir or perhaps secession to Pakistan.


Anonymous said...

There is no Patriotism within Kashmir because of the much touted and dubious concept of 'Kashmiriyaat', of which Chindu is one of the loudest protagonists.

Anonymous said...

kashmir and it's muslim population are used to the pampering by rest of the country. Now that Jammu is asserting.. kashmiri's resort to blackmailing the centre. It's all due to the short sighted policies of catering to a few terrorists instead of just crushing them...

Anonymous said...

"I was part of a journalists' delegation invited by the Chinese government to Tibet in July this year."

Nope. It is not the chief, but one of his servants. May be chief is too shocked to get out of the trauma of the recent happenings (Somu-da and Lalu, both Chindu's poster-boys, on the side of Sonia, fiercely opposing CPM).

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