Monday, August 25, 2008

Preferential treatment to M.F Husain

Chindu often has pet themes which it tends to harp on with little reason and similarly there are issues it will ignore.
In a recent editorial, " The harassment of Husain ", it decides to vent against how the intolerant (read as Hindu right-wing fundamentalists) have harassed MFH for some paintings done in the past.
Since the controversy over some paintings he did of Hindu goddesses erupted in the mid-1990s, Husain who deserves to be treated as a national treasure has been hounded and eventually forced to go into exile.

The editorial goes on to blame the Central Government for not providing security to Husain and display his art works.
I'm sure that LiC views those paintings of Bharat Mata and other goddesses as artistic liberties, then why has not stood up to condemn the Islamic fundamentalists who have hounded people like Salman Rushdie, Taslima Nasreen etc.?
LiC would like to apply one set of standards for a particular artist simply because the activists who support MFH's cause also support Chindu on its left leaning agenda when called upon.
The minions of left leaning sick-ularism have banded together here.


Anonymous said...

Now these are the kind of people that the psecular media, arundhati-one-novel-booker-roy etc are batting for!!!

S. Krishnamoorthy said...

I recently had a chance to look at the offensive drawings of Hussain in a blog. He has depicted all the Muslim ladies fully clothed while he has depicted Hindu deities like Durga, Saraswathi, Hanuman and Bharat Mata totally naked. If this is not outrageous what else is?

Anonymous said...

You can never say enough about the trash this 'national treasure' paints. God knows who and why he was elevated to the status of a Picasso! They ought to be equated to the droppings of the horses he paints! Ugh! MF Husain an artist? Tell me another joke, brother.