Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sordid Soren show

No outrage, no condemnation; just reckless journalism from N.Ram. Obviously, he finds no culprits in this sordid episode where a convict is pulled out of the jail and made a chief minister of a state which is desperately in need of good governance. N.Ram consumes the editorial space by giving a good background of the proceedings. But carefully avoids stepping on his political benefactors.

The Hindu : Opinion / Editorials : Second chance for Soren
His second bid reflected considerable political opportunism and reckless adventurism


Anonymous said...

LiC realizes that Buddha's bandh comments have put his comrades in an uncomfortable position and seeks to create some noise to divert attention.

Suddenly governance has collapsed in New Delhi!!! Not so when his Marxist friends were supporting the same govt.

Anonymous said...

Chindu always wants to appear more than 100% secular, with respect to issues involving its pet minorities.

In today's edition, there is a photograph of "A house that was damaged after a communal clash at Piringa village in Kandhamal on Thursday." Readers can easily notice the way the 'house' has been picturised, prominently showing a photo of the Christian (son of) god and also the beams positioned as a cross.

I doubt if the photograph of the Ashram of the swamy (and oher unfortunate victims) who was gunned down was published in Chindu.

We also see a photo of "A woman sits near her burnt house after a clash". I bet Chindu never once published any photo of the Hindu temples destroyed in Kashmir or the Pundit victims.

By this kind of blatant, partisan journalism, the Chief is only contributing to the increasing revulsion of otherwise unreacting masses towards the terribly biased English Language Media.

So, in a way it is good.

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