Friday, August 15, 2008

The malaise called media bias

The media's vengeance against BJP is driving the ELM to extremes. Biased coverage is now giving way to naked lies.

Seriously Sandeep : Revenge of the Turd
Yet, with such a strong tailwind of middle class approval, on such an important mission of creating the democratic opposition to the Congress, what was the public image we saw of the BJP on the fateful day of the trust vote against the Manmohan Singh government? We saw LK Advani deliver a rather rambling half-hearted speech. We saw him look on in forlorn loneliness as 13 MPs of the NDA cross voted, 8 from the BJP alone. Whatever the truth of a "purchased" trust vote, we saw an octogenarian public personality, someone who had created a powerful ideological challenge to Nehru-Gandhi dominance, we now saw him asking for a television sting operation.
This doesn’t qualify for "taking liberties with the truth."  It is a lie. Ms Ghose, can you please care to narrate the sequence of events over the course of a week all the way leading up to the trust vote? When did l.k. advani ask for a sting operation? Did he ask for a sting operation or did he demand that the original sting operation tape be shown? Also Ms. Ghose, if you find the forlornly lonely octogenarian leader’s appeal this pathetic, why did you agree to conduct the sting operation in the first place?


Anonymous said...

The ELM dogs alway faithfully bark at the behest of their secular masters. The last few days Chindu has been carrying a lot of photos of the Kashmiri folks and politicians, as if they are the only ones to undergo suffering. I doubt if Chindu ever carried a photograph of the suffering Pandits or ever did any followup on any of the jihadi terrorist blast victims and their families, at Mumabi, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Bangalore, Ahmedabad etc. For Chindu and its "specialist" reporter P. Swami these people don't exsist/count as they are not "secular".

Anonymous said...

Now that the Gujarat govt. has announced a breakthrough in the blast investigations, we can expect the ELM (for sure, Chindu heading the bandwagon) to spring into reaction and over action to belittle the Guj police and Modi. The human rights wallahs won't be far behind.

Anonymous said...

Guys - I works for CNNIBN TV 18 and can confirm Advaniji approach us to stage THE STING OPERATION. This is a sad fact.

Anonymous said...


I works for CNNIBN TV 18...

Your gramatically accurate sentence -- "I works"(sic)-- tells us that you indeed work for the English news channel!

Nice try, by the way! Have you heard of the word "flamebait" ?!

Anonymous said...

"......Advaniji approach us".

We "can confirm" that CNNIBN TV 18 is a very special English news channel, indeed.

Anonymous said...

Here is another pearl from the secular slimes aka ELM.

"There is an inter-state network functioning capable of motivating 20-25-year boys to turn against the nation."

Fully grown terrorist scums are affectionately called as "boys" by the very concerned secular mother!

'Blasts probe reveals split within Indian society'

Sheela Bhatt in Ahmedabad

Shankar said...

The overall fiscal deficit, taking into account off-budget times, runs therefore to about 7.5 per cent of GDP, as the prime minister's Economic Advisory Council has just noted, and not 2.5 per cent. As a result, after 18 years, India is more or less back where it started on the fiscal front.

Shankar said...

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