Monday, August 25, 2008

Ghoul of Calcutta ritual

In what is turning out into an annual ritual, Chindu publishes another flowing tribute to Mother Teresa. This article too is by Navin Chawla, that boot-licking bureaucrat, who was rewarded with a plum post post-retirement.

We take a moment to remember the exploits of the ghoul.

The Hindu : Opinion / News Analysis : Mother Teresa and the joy of giving
The Nobel laureate’s biographer in his annual tribute on her birth anniversary notes that there was no difference between her precepts and her practice.


Srinath said...

Poverty is mother terrasa's (read as christians) heaven. They do not even have to spend on Drugs to convert. Its lot cheaper to convert just by giving few 100s. So Christians love communists in india.

Here is golden philosphy of Communists.

Communism believes in equality of all in economic sphere. It dictates that wealth distribution be uniform to achieve this goal. How does it realize this golden philosophy?

Simple, Communist can not make everyone rich, so they make everyone poor. I see only poverty lingering all around communist state.
Now read the following.,curpg-1.cms
Throw this b***** LIC to Kolkatta.

Anonymous said...

As you rightly put it, this annual ritual, is just to show off the Chief's (pseudo) secular credentials. There is also the added hurry to get this stuff out, in the light of the Orissa situation where the missionaries are actively playing their usual game, quite actively and virulently.

Anonymous said...

The editorial and the letters do not mention that 2 women were also killed along with the Swamiji by world vision church thugs.
This is the usual pattern - Jehadis/Evangelists kill Hindus and the English press stays silent on the first day and when the inevitable reprisals happen, they blow it out of proportion and report without any context. Then everyone can happily condemn the Hindus, while the initial victims are long forgotten.

Anonymous said...

Anand... So true
Now that the pope has "condemned" the killing of alleged christians (but he only "deplores" the murder of Hindu Sadhu) the psecular brigade will have a free day in calling all Hindus as radicals (see...even the western pope gives the certificate).