Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Biased coverage of the Amarnath protests

Chindu's double standards in covering the Amarnath dispute is appalling. Praveen Swami, while covering the firing against the mob marching to cross the LoC, writes :

Police in the remote mountain town of Kishtwar killed two members of a mob that attacked homes belonging to the region’s Hindu minority.

He does not name the suspects nor does he make any mention of the community of the attackers. Good journalism, if consistently done.

However, two lines down, he adds:

Earlier, Hindu chauvinist mobs initiated several arson attacks against Gujjar Muslims’ homes in and around Jammu.

Strong words. They aren't even "alleged" attackers. They are chauvinists, Hindus,arsonists and brutal attackers . I am amazed that he managed to pack so much into a single line.The benefit of doubt, which is so liberally awarded for some attackers, is denied outright.The principle of not identifying the community of the attackers, that was adopted just a couple of lines above, has been kissed goodbye. Chindu's commitment to secularism and its "unflinching" adherence to the highest principles of journalism is truly hair raising.


Bhranthan said...

Good post Andromeda,

Similarly, today in the NDTV webpage, they had a photo of a road blockade caused by VHP protesting Amarnath and they had the following caption to their photo:

" Can a blockade in Delhi solve the Amarnath row?"

We have had bandhs when Saddam Husain was killed and we had bands when petrol prices went up. Why didn't NDTV ask similar questions then ? They could have asked " Can a blockade in India solve the Iraq-US problem". They could have asked : Can a blockade in Delhi/Kolkotta control the international oil prices?!

But they reserved this question when hindus decided to block roads for pressing the union govt to allot the land and solve the issue.

Biased coverage, another example!

Andromeda said...

I am sure this is not the last such crap from the likes of NDTV, CNN-IBN.. They will give us enough fodder...

Anonymous said...

Well, bharanthan, this is the beauty of Indian politics (and hence journalism).

Remember the Gujrat Riots? No one knows what happened to the muslims who burned down the train that sparked the riots, but we still have the best bakery case going on. I am not saying that it was right, I'm just saying the the whole political system is deeply biased towards the Muslim Minority because they are a vote bank.

It's a shame this still happens in India. I was shocked to see muslims going around with pakistan's flag. They should be thrown out of the country or rather shot. This is exactly where terrorists get their 'local' support from.

And as the icing on the cake, we have Media bias. Great.

Anonymous said...

these are the self-loathing insects. it beats me how and where they get this self-loathing from. Of all the english media, times now appears a little okay - they ran a news clip titled the blockade myth. But even they have toned down - they used to show live reports from a reporter in Jammu. That guy is off the air for a week now after the home minister asked media to behave.

how is the coverage in vernacluar or regional media, in the areas you come from? There is no hope in Tamil media - tamil kingdom is now busy rewriting all of 2000+ years of Tamil history and literature to suit the Saint Thomas myth. other languages, mainly Hindi?

Anonymous said...

follow, if you are not already.

Hemant said...


especially Op-Eds, Edits, Columns etc