Monday, February 25, 2008

Slap in the face of ELM

It is fashionable for India's spineless ELM to "invent" " facts" justifying Islamic extremism. Till 2002 , every terrorist act was attributed to Babri Masjid - never mind the fact that the masjid came down in 1992 but Kashmiri terrorism started at least 3 years earlier. From 2002, Akshardam, Malgaon, varanasi, Parliament attack, IISc attack, Mumbai 7/11,Delhi Diwali Bombs, Samajhuta, Hyderabad Mecca Masjid bombs and the n- J&K terror strikes are all because of Gujarat! Not content with this, the ELM blames the "alleged" marginalization and neglect of the minorities , lack of employment and educational opportunities as the prime reasons for the "frustrated" (and innocent?) youth to turn to terrorism. By some strange logic, the Dalit and other socially backward youth - who too "allegedly" face similar hardships - never manage to get hooked to terrorism. It is only the poor and innocent minority youth. But will education and employment solve the problem and wean away Muslim youth from terrorism?

People like Yahya Iyash Kamkuttdy give the answer. An REC Calicut graduate, Yahya graduated with distinction in Engineering and was employed with GE. Why did he take to terrorism? What effect did education and employment have on his psyche? It has only made him plan heinous crimes with greater sophistication. What about the Glasgow bomber who was a doctor? Several of those arrested on terrorism charges hold post graduate degrees. Who is the ELM trying to cheat by suggesting education and employment?

Even if one were to accept the ELM's reasoning, how does it explain the spread of Islamic extremism from New York to Bali? It is an indisputable fact that this hydra-headed monster is a global phenomenon. Does the ELM say that in each of these countries the Muslims are marginalized? Isn't it ironic that people who float such senseless ideas are called "intellectuals" ? If Muslims are up in arms in every region of the world then there certainly is a problem that prevents them from co-habiting peacefully. Their retrograde customs, treatment of women, intolerance and their inclination to live in ghettos could be factors that prevent them from living in harmony with people from other faiths. Add to this a vicious propaganda of marginalization and the pseudo secular political class that merrily divides people for votes, you have the spark necessary to set the house on fire.

It is high time that the ELM stopped pandering to minority interests and start treating issues objectively. Every religion -not just Islam- has some historical reason or the other to be rebellious. Can everyone take to arms?By refusing to accept that certain Islamic elements are being unreasonable and unjust , the ELM is only running away from the problem. If it does not have the guts to take the bull by its horns, it may jolly well shut up and leave the job to more competent entities while it continues to lick the shoes of jihadis. By sympathizing and justifying extremism, the ELM is making this world more dangerous.


Anonymous said...

ELM escapes into the realm of facile explanation by using fanciful jargon such as
"alienation", experienced by Minority youth - everywhere, all over the world!

Ranjith said...

To remind everyone, one of the instances where Chindu towing such a line is seen here in this editorial on Glasgow terror

There Chindu(boss) writes:

the question remains: just what made three upper middle class Indian men who received privileged education participate in acts of terrorism against a society that nurtured them?
From the evidence so far available, anger against the war in Iraq seems to have motivated the authors of the car-bomb operations. If the profile of past terror cells is a guide, cultural alienation and experiences of racism may also have played a role.

There goes the Chindu boss...

First reason is "war in iraq" then
"racism may have played role"!

As pointed out by Andromeda here, the following questions come to my mind then:

1) why non-muslims are unaffected by the racism in the west?!

2) There are many many non-muslims who are angry against the US for Iraq war. But while non-muslims choose to protest democratically, why muslims alone involve in terror ?