Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What is right in Kosovo is wrong in Gujarat

Look who is providing column inches to the action - reaction theory. The same theory that was met with derision in Gujarat suddenly becomes a legitimate tool to fight the US.

Having recognised Kosovo’s independence, Washington has openly violated Serbia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. So, why is it angry at a Serbian student who did a similar thing to the U.S. Embassy? Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

Is Chindu plain stupid to contradict itself so openly or does it think its readers must read any garbage thrown at them?


Anonymous said...

The acorn has a post about the recent Darul Uloom conference. Apparently the Uloom jehadis blamed Naxalites but Chindu omitted the reference to naxals.

Anonymous said...

In all this excitement, you missed out the most important news.
The authorities have restricted the use of air space during the session from Mar 2nd to Mar 14th over the chinese parliament!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apparently Chindu thinks this news is very much relevant to India..maybe to those "hindu terrorists" who were planning an attack on chinese parliament!!

As usual, the source of this great news is from xinhua....Long live The Chindu

Anonymous said...

Thats because the Chindu has careless monkeys editing the newspaper. They think that people will not care to think logically. Good catch there.

Anonymous said...

Opinion - Editorials

Sagarika’s significance

"The successful test of the Sagarika missile marks a public declaration of the progress India has made towards establishing its own submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) capability."

Quite generous of Chindu to have a word of praise for Bharat Desh. But, let us not get carried away as the Chief has got a job to do, dictated by Chindu's destiny, spreading his master's glory all over Bharat.

Now comes Chindu's gratuitous advice to our armed forces.

"Media reports speak of a plan to build by 2015 a fleet of three nuclear submarines, each carrying 12 nuclear-tipped ballistic missiles. It is instructive, however, to remember that although China launched its first Xia-class nuclear submarine capable of carrying ballistic missiles in 1981, a missile was successfully launched from it only seven years later. The political implications aside, Indian defence scientists and naval personnel have several technological hurdles to overcome before they achieve their dream of SLBM capability."

See the inevitable comparison that Chindu thinks obligatory and as usual, the condescending tone and advice. The Chief seems to tell the armed forces: Don't try to be smart and ambitious. Even the great Chinese (my heroes and role models) took seven years.... etc. etc.

Anonymous said...

I read that the UPA govt got Google to close Spindian Express because Sahakar was made to appear like a clown each day (Google owne Blogspot, I believe). Bania editor gets away with so much rubbish in this Bania owned newspaper. Here he is, justifying Australia's foul-mouthed sledgers:

This past decade has been Australia’s, and what joy they have given us. In a long supremacy, they showed themselves to be true champions not just in striving to win whatever match came their way. They also honoured themselves as champions in keeping every contest keen and aggressive. So, even if they played minnows like Bangladesh, they kept the spectator interested by never being laid back. Even in dead rubbers, a match was played as if their reputation depended on it. Dhoni’s team not only aspires to that attitude, it’s getting there.

Anonymous said...

Look at how every statement of Sinha is interjected by chindu's statements like "but he was not able to give any figures", "although the highest growth rate recorded during those six years" etc. And the subtle use of quotes for “moderate interest” and “high growth rate”.

Agree that some of the points made are facts but I presume chindu wouldn't have taken the care to point out these "facts" to the reader if it was a congress or commie making some statements.

A case in point being this report

Ofcourse Chindu does not see the need for Mr Yechury and Dasgupta to back up any of their statements with facts.