Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Communist harmony

This story goes missing in Chindu, while a lot of trivial but positive aspects of CPM are invariably reported. Selective reporting, Chindu style.

The Telegraph - Calcutta (Kolkata) | Bengal | Cadres convict leaders and thrash them
CPM supporters beat up their leaders in Burdwan’s Kanksa last night accusing them of corruption, hours after young cadres in Durgapur used the slap-and-punch pill on their seniors for going back on their promise of jobs.

Some 500 men and women raided the local committee office about 160km from Calcutta while the leaders were watching a film around 9pm.

As committee secretary Debatosh Banerjee wondered what was happening, the villagers took him by his collar and dragged him out.

The leaders were accused of paying less than the villagers’ due under the rural employment guarantee scheme. The law ensures labourers’ job to the poor for 100 days a year.

Leaders sample cadre fury

Durgapur, Feb. 18: Unemployed CPM supporters marched into a party office here, dragged out their leaders and beat them with broomsticks and sandals because they had reneged on their promise of jobs.Thirty youths armed with red flags marched into the party office in the Coke Oven area around 9am. Villagers said the leaders of the Namo Sagarbhanga local committee initially denied promising jobs but went on the defensive later.The youths ransacked the office and battered two motorcycles parked outside.They said the leaders had promised them unskilled labourers’ jobs at local sponge iron and steel units when they were being set up.Sanatan Bauri, 28, who had studied till Class VIII, said all the attackers were CPM supporters. “We work hard during polls and other occasions. We had no option but to revolt.”He added that complaints to the Durgapur zonal committee had proved ineffective.“The leaders have a good time over alcohol and films in office. Their relatives get the jobs,” said Ranjit Mondal, 25.


Anonymous said...

When Umabharathi revolts it is a big news and she is the dear one..But when a CPM leader revolts it is indicipline...the typical commie funda
CPI (M) expels State panel member

HYDERABAD: The Communist Party of India (Marxist) State committee has expelled its leader G. Ramachandra Rao, who headed the party’s toddy tappers’ wing from the primary membership of the party for his “indiscipline” and “false propaganda” against the party.

The expulsion comes in the light of Mr. Rao’s open criticism on the “dictatorial tendencies” of the party’s State leadership. Mr. Rao who walked out of the party’s State conference held here between February 8 and 10 alleged that a section of leaders who were dominating the proceedings were not allowing other members to raise issues of public importance.

CPI (M) State secretary B.V. Raghavulu said in a statement on Wednesday that though the party had given opportunity to Mr. Rao to mend his ways, the latter had misused the opportunity.

Mr. Raghavulu demanded that the Government take steps to stop ‘illegal’ bauxite mining by a private firm in Visakhapatnam and Vizianagaram as a majority of the tribals would lose their livelihood.

In a letter addressed to Chief Minister Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy, he said people were opposed to the setting up of refinery in the area where works had commenced without conduct of gram sabhas that was mandatory.

Anonymous said...

Desi Comrades are notorious for their weakness towards exaggerated self importance and their drum beater, Chindu no wonder reflects this mentality.

In a quesiton-answer session (carrying the impressive title 'A record of success and stability in Tripura') with the CM of Tripura, Chindu's correspondent pompously declares "In the backdrop of the Left parties' increasing engagement with the country’s politics...".

"Increasing engagement"?! Comrades hold their sway only in two states, viz. Tripura and W.Bengal. Even in Kerala, it is on again, off again story. So, it has been some kind of a status quo for decades. Where has it increased, when? The blackmail tactics that our comrades employed during the last Presidential elections, in Chindu's opinion, qualifies for "increasing engagement".

socal said...

Novel reporting.

It's usually a standard practice to mention wired services at the beginning of the news. This one mentions Chindu's favorite service, Xinhua, at the end.

Anonymous said...

There was another news report which mentioned that porn cd's. liquor bottles and condoms were found at CPIM offices:

I wonder how the leaders entertain Comrade N Ram when he visits their offices.