Saturday, February 02, 2008

N.Ram kicks off campaigning for 2009 elections

Naxal Ram has set the agenda for 2009 elections. Very soon, you will see star campaigners like Avidya entering the scene with strong mathematical models to predict why the numbers are against the NDA.

The Hindu : Opinion / Editorials : From despair to hope
Does all this portend a National Democratic Alliance victory in 2009? Not by a long shot. The BJP has visibly recovered from its 2004 defeat but the NDA is far from looking the winner. Since 2002, as many as nine constituents have parted ways with the BJP and the NDA. This does not include the Telugu Desam Party, which was the NDA’s biggest outside prop, and the Trinamool Congress, which seems on the verge of quitting the alliance.

Strange political terminology in Indian politics: NDA is distinctly anti-muslim, whereas its opposition, the congress, is not pro-muslim. How about the Congress implement Uniform Civil Code, which the BJP is supporting?
Minority appeasement exists not in the secular dictionary, but in real life.
Should BJP stalwarts introspect on this, they will discover a pattern: the deserters uniformly cited the party’s anti-Muslim policy as the reason for quitting the NDA. To be sure, politics has made strange bedfellows in the past, and the BJP’s dream of expanding the NDA may yet come to fruition. But many of the Hindutva party’s former allies need the Muslim vote more than they need the BJP. Indeed, there is a lesson in this for those who are in a hurry to anoint Mr. Modi as the BJP’s next great white hope.
Here is Naxal Ram's open call to NDA to indulge in minority appeasement and dump the communal hindoos.

And in middle of all the racism controversy going on, what is with Naxal Ram calling Modi "the great white hope" -
a term with distinct origins in racism.


Anonymous said...

Two excellent, hard hitting posts. You have arrived. That spells trouble for Chindu.

Anonymous said...

Chindu pontificates: "...the deserters uniformly cited the party’s anti-Muslim policy as the reason for quitting the NDA." Desertion by the allies, yes. What about the timing? Did anyone of these allies quit during mid-course? Why join hands with the "communal" party at all, in the first instance?

Look at the arch Dravidian secularist Mu Ka. He chose to quit after enjoying a full term of cohabitation with BJP. BJP's (and its older avatar Jan Sangh's) policies have been in the open for several decades. In spite of this, non-Congress parties decided to associate with BJP and one fine morning they discover BJP to be anti-Muslim! What hogwash!!

Anonymous said...

Image is missing from your post on 15-5-2007.

Hindu Fundamentalist said...

Thank you for pointing it out. Image added.