Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Change in "Reactions" template

We have long captured the standard template used by Chindu to capture nationwide reaction to events.
It starts off with CPI()M's reaction and then Karat's.
Then we hear CPI's views on the event.
The other Left parties get to express their opinion.
Then comes the Congress (of minority government fame).
If space permits, the BJP might find a mention in the last line.

Now, this template has been changed to reflect the changing realities and the growing importance of Left as perceived by Chindu. CPI(M) and CPI have two separate articles allotted to their reactions instead of being clubbed together. A few perceive this as an indication of widening cracks between the two parties.

The Hindu : National : Inaction poses threat to social amity: CPI(M)
The Communist Party of India (Marxist) on Tuesday criticised the Maharashtra government for its “delay in arresting Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) leader Raj Thackeray” and staged a “social amity” dharna at the Azad Maidan here.

The Hindu : National : Parochial tendencies, a grave threat: CPI
The Communist Party of India (CPI) on Tuesday condemned the incidents of violence against north Indians in Mumbai and other places in Maharashtra, saying parochial tendencies were posing a grave threat to the unity and integrity of the country.


Anonymous said...

First it was Somnath. He was telling us at every opportunity that our judicial system is wedded to evil. These days, it is Karat and Yechuri. They tell us that Marxism will see revival and will infest the whole world soon.

Anonymous said...

and bjp's point of view in the rare case of being published will be littered with """"s and "allegedly's"s.

someone ban the ""'s ..

and does ashok dhawale's neighbor knows who ashok dhawale is ?

the first few fetchies for his name on google not surprisingly are - cpim,cpim,hindu,frontline.

and jesus christ -our intellectual raja is already moved on to rich-poor divide reasoning.He will be there in my fact-finding missions for sure

Anonymous said...

and now...hds he also been a police officer!


Anonymous said...

The Hindu should understand that outside of Kerala and West Bengal, the so called Left front does not exist. Neither their voice is the common man's voice nor we should attach any importance to it. Of course, being blindfolded by leftist philosophy (not to mention the financial support it gets from the left parties + china), Hindu will hardly change it's policies (if they exist..).

I am tired and sick of Hindu, the "national newspaper". Only a "sudden removal" of Naxal Ram will help us!

socal said...

I don't understand why Chindu needs a "special correspondent" for such spoon feeding. They can simply put the commies' press releases into a newsbot and publish it on their website. It can solve their increasing fund crunch too, by having a template for each of their oh-so- "special correspondents." Kharemamu, Vidyaben, and Pallavi madam can all have their own bots.