Monday, February 25, 2008

"Eminent Historian" on detoxifying textbooks

Chindu is the mecca for all these lunatic lefties. They get prominent space on this propaganda machine. The fact that most of these text books have been written under the benign eye of the Congress will be conveniently withheld.

The Hindu : Opinion / Interviews : Upholding scientific principles of historical writing
Detoxifying textbooks was a proposition advanced after the last election. Almost four years of UPA rule are over. Are you happy with the way that process has progressed?

The remaining 97 per cent of schools use textbooks that are much more
communal than the NCERT textbooks concocted by the BJP dispensation. If
detoxification were to be effective, this large segment had to be
cleansed of communalism.


Anonymous said...

It may sound incredible. This "eminent historian" (K.N. Panikkar), was the vice-chancellor of Adi Sankara University, Kaladi (Kerala)! Some years ago, he gave a speech at Chennai saying that Hinduism is the most oppressive, of all the religions.

No wonder he not only wants a "National Commission" of textbooks, but also demands that the commission should have judicial powers, like the "Minorities Commission".

A typical Marxist bully for Chindu to admire.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully it would be published this year. About 1,500 pages of the manuscripts which were “lost,” according to the ICHR, have now been restored from "MY COPY".

Yes it is Mr Panikker's copy, and should keep it with himself.