Monday, February 11, 2008

lopsided review on karanjia

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R.K. Karanjia: Living through the Blitz
- P. Sainath

"At the height of the Sino-Soviet hostility, Karanjia managed
exclusive interviews with the leaders of both the USSR and China
(including a rare meeting with Zhou en Lai.) He also had one with the
Pope in the same period. His early interview with Mr. Castro, though,
was very Blitz."

Sainath writes lots of stuff about his professional association with
Karanjia. Of course, he does not reveal certain "uncomfortable" facts!

It is left to Hindu journalists to complete Karanjia's biography.

The editor who defined Indian journalism -- Tarun Vijay

According to Tarun Vijay: "In his later years he (Karanjia) turned
deeply spiritual and the final turning point came during the Ayodhya
movement. He was the first editor in a mainstream journal who
supported the Ramjanmabhoomi movement openly. First Francois Gautier's
column began appearing in Blitz supporting the Ram agitation
spiritedly with impeccable logic."


Sudheendra Kulkarni

Sudheendra Kulkarni says: "In the last phase of his journalistic
career, he became increasingly disillusioned with communism and the
Communists anti-Hindu secularism. Simultaneously, he became a strong
sympathiser of the BJP and the Ayodhya movement. It was then that he
insisted I replace Sainath as deputy editor and give a new, pro-Hindu
orientation to Blitz".

Funnily, Chindu carried the photo of the "wrong" Karanjia and
corrected the situation with the correct photo, the next day in the
print edition. Surprisingly, the "wrong" photo persists in the web

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socal said...

Swapan Dasgupta had this illuminating piece on the same topic.

"Fighting domestic battles was Karanjia’s bread and butter. The jam came from his lavish endorsement of “progressive” regimes overseas. The Soviet Union was an all-time favourite and there are some passages in the Mitrokhin archives which may explain why. He was fulsome in his support for the VietCong."

Anonymous said...

Thanks to HF (and also to socal) for the invitation to be part of the blog team. Of course, it will be always a pleasure to take care of Chindu. For the time being, I shall continue with the occasional postings and jump into the bandwagon a little later.

R said...

If this is the way Sainath writes, he must be pushing lots of "uncomfortable" facts under the carpet in all his articles. We never know! From now, i will read everything he writes with a bit of suspicion. BTW, hope the Magsaysay guys note the "honest" attitude of their awardee!