Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Fwd: At Chindu, a photographer is one who downloads photos from the net

i also remember the editor-in-chief justifying frontpage photos of
blood, violence and terrorists as "editorial judgment". self-critical?
no way. the communists can never be wrong.

Readers may remember a big blunder on the part of Chindu which the
Editor's Writer had to confess, a few months ago:

"......a reader points out that the accompanying photograph captioned
"Marching ahead: An elephant herd on the prowl in the plains of Kodagu
district", was not that of an Asian elephant herd but of an African
elephant herd. The African elephant can be quickly distinguished from
the Asian elephant by its greater size and its larger ears. The
African elephant also bears tusks in both sexes. This can be seen in
the picture. The correspondent clarifies that the error occurred as
the picture was downloaded from a website by a photographer who was
ignorant of the difference between an African and an Asian elephant."


Some days ago, I happened to read a telling commentary on this
stupidity of Chindu & Co in another blog.

The Genius that's the Hindu and the Reader's Editor

"I never knew that a photographer was one who downloaded photos from
some website."

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