Saturday, February 09, 2008

Chindu celebrates the Chinese new year

i wonder how long before the chindu declares a holiday for chinese new
year in place of a hindu festival.

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Chindu's own China specialist(rather, admirer) seems to be all excited
about the Chinese new year.

China moves into the lunar Year of the Rat

Pallavi Aiyar

"There are 12 animals in the 12-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac, and
the rat is the first in this series. Legend has it that all the
animals concerned were in a race to cross a broad river."

Note the absence of mocking qualifiers such as "mythology"
(exclusively reserved for Hinduism-related news and reports) in the
article and also the feel good tone of reporting, completely devoid of
derision, ridicule, scorn and condescension otherwise liberally dished
out in reports dealing with Hindu faith.

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Anonymous said...

R.K. Karanjia: Living through the Blitz

P. Sainath

"At the height of the Sino-Soviet hostility, Karanjia managed exclusive interviews with the leaders of both the USSR and China (including a rare meeting with Zhou en Lai.) He also had one with the Pope in the same period. His early interview with Mr. Castro, though, was very Blitz."

Sainath writes lots of stuff about his professional association with Karanjia. Of course, he does not reveal certain "uncomfortable" facts!

It is left to Hindu journalists to complete Karanjia's biography.

The editor who defined Indian journalism -- Tarun Vijay

According to Tarun Vijay: "In his later years he (Karanjia) turned deeply spiritual and the final turning point came during the Ayodhya movement. He was the first editor in a mainstream journal who supported the Ramjanmabhoomi movement openly. First Francois Gautier's column began appearing in Blitz supporting the Ram agitation spiritedly with impeccable logic."


Sudheendra Kulkarni

Sudheendra Kulkarni says: "In the last phase of his journalistic career, he became increasingly disillusioned with communism and the Communists anti-Hindu secularism. Simultaneously, he became a strong sympathiser of the BJP and the Ayodhya movement. It was then that he insisted I replace Sainath as deputy editor and give a new, pro-Hindu orientation to Blitz".

Funnily, Chindu carried the photo of the "wrong" Karanjia and corrected the situation with the correct photo, the next day in the print edition. Surprisingly, the "wrong" photo persists in the web edition!

Anonymous said...

URL for Sainath's article on Karanjia:

Anonymous said...

pallavi wont read this

Anonymous said...

The Hindu is celebrating the CPI(M) conferences Kerala for past 3 months.

And hides all currupt deals of Govt of Kerala like

the HMT land deal
Merkiston land deal
Punch loyd road deal
Self financing colleges
Lottery Corruption
Pharis Aboobakker deal

and many more

It is with the DYFI and SFI in attaking Sabarimala pilgrimage.

And try to tarnish Guruvaayoor temple.

All are Chineese conspiracy.


socal said...

anon 1 above, please consider contributing to the blog. You've a very keen eye when it comes l'affaire Chindu. I am sure HF will be only happy to include you. Just a humble request from 'aam' reader of this blog. :-)