Thursday, February 07, 2008

"objectivity" - thy name is Chindu?

The left lunatics(LL) have started washing dirty linen in public. The past year or so has left the LLs and their bootlickers red faced with brickbats raining on them for Singur, Nandigram, Rizwanur Rahman, inept handling of bird flu etc etc. The latest is the killing of forward bloc supporters by the Bengal police. The livid bloc leaders have slammed CPM for "alleged" police brutality.

When all hell is breaking lose in Bengal, Chindu brushes the issue under the carpet. While this story has hogged the headlines in most newspapers and TV channels, Chindu relegates the story to a left corner (no pun intended) on page 16. Here is how its "special correspondent" reports the story:

Four persons, stated to be supporters of the All India Forward Bloc

There is no certainity that they are AIFB workers. Afterall , are they VHP or RSS members to be categorically identifed? "Objective journalism of the highest standards" mandates that an element of uncertainity be maintained when the killers are your friends.

....when police fired on a mob that attacked the office of the sub-divisional officer on Tuesday

Here is the clean chit to the police. Judge Ram, using his supreme judicial knowledge, opines that the "mob" "attacked" and the police firing was provoked.

The incident occurred when AIFB supporters turned violent during a State-wide law violation programme organised by the party in support of its demand for proper implementation of the National Rural Employment Programme, among other issues.

Will Judge Ram tell his readers what "other issues" were the "violent supporters" protesting against? Corruption, irregularities in rationing , cancellation of special economic zones (SEZs) policy to secure farmers' land rights and job quotas for Muslims. Why has he stopped with NREGS irregularities?

The State leadership of the AIFB has called a 24-hour State bandh on Wednesday to protest the police firing that, it claimed, was aimed at peaceful demonstrators

Yet another caveat....


socal said...

Chindu Chairman will probably lecture you that being objective doesn't necessarily mean being fair, as many a leftist will attest to.

Besides, it is now a survival game for Chindu. Competitors are going to eat up Chindu's pie and, devoid of monopoly, Chindu may have to fall back on bailouts by well-wishers, outside India particularly.

Anonymous said...

Chindu's own China specialist(rather, admirer) seems to be all excited about the Chinese new year.

China moves into the lunar Year of the Rat

Pallavi Aiyar

"There are 12 animals in the 12-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac, and the rat is the first in this series. Legend has it that all the animals concerned were in a race to cross a broad river."

Note the absence of mocking qualifiers such as "mythology" (exclusively reserved for Hinduism-related news and reports) in the article and also the feel good tone of reporting, completely devoid of derision, ridicule, scorn and condescension otherwise liberally dished out in reports dealing with Hindu faith.