Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Karat says Congress encourages extremism

But he still continues to support Congress at the Center. Also, he is not worried. Not surprised at all. After all, it is in the best interests of China. How ironic, that he accuses Congress of "double standard". Talk of pot, kettle, black...

The Hindu : Front Page : Karat: Congress encouraging extremists in Tripura
“The Congress is one party which encourages extremists. When Rajiv Gandhi was Prime Minister, he encouraged extremist forces in Tripura to destabilise the Left Front government. In the last Assembly elections we saw the Congress forging an alliance with the INPT. We told the Congress leaders that what their party is doing in Tripura is detrimental not only to Tripura but also to the entire country. The INPT is not an ordinary political party. It is backed by extremist forces and it is only a mask of extremists. We are not worried. We are sure that the people of Tripura will defeat the Congress-INPT alliance,” said Mr. Karat while addressing a State level election rally here organised by the ruling Left Front of the CPI(M), the CPI and the Revolutionary Socialist Party (RSP).

He accused the Congress of adopting “double standard” ...

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