Monday, February 04, 2008

Who is this lunatic V.R.Krishna Iyer?

This lunatic wants us to go back to the stone age. He thinks the pre-91 era is the socialist paradise. How about preaching to the communists in West Bengal first.

The Hindu : Opinion / Leader Page Articles : Needed, a renewed socialist concern
A planned economy and public morality with the common good of society are crying needs today.

In substance, our pledge was not to create a creamy layer of wealthy industrialists, latifundists or toxic technologists, or to invite foreign investments and duty-free imports that will wipe out swadeshi. A socialistic pattern of society has been our dire desideratum.

Jawaharlal Nehru voiced in the Constituent Assembly the fundamental national proposition when he argued: “We have given the content of democracy in this resolution and not only the content of democracy but the content, if I may say so, of economic democracy. Well, I stand for Socialism. I hope India will stand for Socialism and that India will go towards the constitution of a Socialist State.”

The generation of Professor Harold Lasky; the political peers of Nehru and Subash Bose; Left intellectuals like E.M.S. Namboodiripad; P.C. Joshi, Jayaprakash Narayan, Dr. Ambedkar; and all leading British thinkers such as Bernard Shaw, H.G. Wells, Sydney Webb, belonged to the socialist fraternity. Small wonder, cadres and leaders of the nationalist movement were comrades against imperialism and capitalist ideology. Socialism was strengthened by that phenomenal expounder of dialectical materialism and Communism, Karl Marx.

Even today, under the Constitution India is a Socialist Republic, and every Member of Parliament and Minister, the President and the Governors, are oath-bound to uphold the Socialist mandate.

The glory of Bharat can be regained only if the democratic socialists of India unite without factions and divisions. They have to win, without discrimination, distributive justice by full and fair use of its resources. They should give a just opportunity for all to share its work, wealth and happiness. The latest technology should be geared to maximise the common people’s economic worth, and the educational facilities, in order that the needs of the underprivileged are met as the state’s first charge, far above the pampered seven-star pleasures of the millionaires. The health, egalite and income of “We the People of India” should desiderate socialist concern.

The patriotic, truly crimson comrades of India, the Communists of plural parties, will you listen to the noble command of Karl Marx as still relevant to India:

Will Dr. Manmohan Singh assert, as Nehru did, “I am a socialist?” Will Sonia Gandhi, as Indira Gandhi did, swear for nationalism or emphasise the Republic as being Socialist?

Every now and then, such communists (lunatics) come forward to interpret "socialist". That was the reason why the word was sought to be removed by the PIL. The Supreme Court, unfortunately, struck it down (full text below). That means, there are atleast two words -- socialist and secular -- in our constitution that are not unambiguously defined. :: Supreme Court says no to deleting ‘socialist’ from Constitution
Defining socialism as a means of public welfare, the Supreme Court on Tuesday rejected a plea that the word “socialist” should be deleted from the preamble of the Constitution.

“Why do you take socialism in a narrow sense defined by Communists. In broader sense, it means welfare measures for the citizens. It is a facet of democracy,” a three-judge Bench headed by Chief Justice K G Balakrishnan observed.

The Bench was hearing a PIL seeking direction to delete the word “socialist” from the preamble of the Constitution on the ground that it was originally not there and adding the word amounted to re-writing it.

“It hasn’t got any definite meaning. It gets different meaning in different times,” the Bench observed.

However, it agreed to hear the PIL which also sought to strike down the provision of Representation of People Act (RPA) requiring a political party to adhere to socialism for being recognised.


R said...

If you want to know more about Krishna Iyer, you should note this!

He has written a book on life after death from his "experiences", in his mother tounge Malayalam, whre
he claims to have received messages from his departed wife through the wife of another former Supreme Court judge whom his wife had not even known in her lifetime

He is this person.. So now you can imagine the rest...

Another interesting thing is to note is Chindu's attitude towards the book. When commies like Iyer makes such "claims" about life after death, Chindu would say "convincing case" for serious study! If it were made by a non-commy, this will be called junk and the person will be, of course, a lunatic!

Anonymous said...

great link, r. it definitely makes this iyer a qualified lunatic.