Sunday, February 24, 2008

SIMI and CHINDU, some links

it is time to ask the sources of funding for chindu. i am curious to
know what amount of simi's money is allocated to propaganda and
chindu's share of this budget.
it is an absolute disgrace that this rag newspaper is making business
out of "hindu" to support "islam".

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SIMI and CHINDU, some links:

The impression is unshakeable that the BJP-led coalition is highly
selective - and calculatedly so - in applying the `unlawful activity'
yardstick as between the Sangh Parivar outfits and those belonging to
the minority communities

To espouse Islamic tenets is not a communal act. The question is not
whether SIMI is a communal organisation, but whether SIMI and its
members are involved in terrorist activities.

But POTO was not just a repeat of TADA. It added fresh chapters on
unlawful associations (already otherwise covered by the Unlawful
Activities Act, 1967 which was used against SIMI in September 2001),
forfeiture of property and telephone tapping.

POTO is at once a tool of diplomacy, to earn brownie points abroad,
and a weapon of repression at home devised by a regime which bans the
Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) but not the Vishwa Hindu
Parishad (VHP) or the Bajrang Dal.

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