Monday, February 01, 2010

N.Ram's iPad review

I am glad N.Ram doesn't write too often on technological issues.
In its present form, the iPad does not address any particular market segment. It might be a technological marvel but it does not have any buyers. Watch the cnet review here.
Apple embracing all platforms and going global and open? What rubbish! It is evident that N.Ram doesn't have a great deal of understanding on Apple's business model. It definitely needs to embrace web-technologies but what other platform is iPad supposed to embrace? Steve Jobs repeatedly says that Apple believes in making hardware to go along with the software. The integrated approach is a key business objective. iPod and iPhone achieved their success not by going open.
The Hindu : Opinion / Editorials : Time of iPad
For the media, the iPad opens up fresh possibilities on how content can be created and distributed and, crucially, monetised.
To become the convergence device of choice, Apple’s latest creation must aim to embrace all web-technologies and platforms and be global and open.
And while on the subject, here are a few ipad video jokes:
Mad Tv iPad video
The iPad is a comedy gold mine
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Shankar said...

While most saw the iPad as a notebook or netbook replacement, Apple is taking the e-reader market seriously. With its portrait mode, it is much more convenient ('intimate' is the word they are using) to read than on a laptop.

The mainstream media even in the west is elated about what iPad can offer them - paid online news and the end of free news. The Hindu, unlike the cheap bania dailies, spends well on reporting. So it is feeling the pinch of rising costs. There is no way these newspapers can survive if online readership continues to grow at the current rate.