Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Water: Two conflicting viewpoints

The Hindu : Opinion / Leader Page Articles : Water as the carrier of concord with Pakistan
Associated Press Of Pakistan ( Pakistan's Premier NEWS Agency ) - Water conflict - a potential nuclear flashpoint between Pak, India

Siddharth Varajadaran is smoking a pipe dream when he says water could
be the concord of peace with Pakistan. He is out of touch with reality.
Pakistan views it as a potential nuclear flashpoint and he does not even mention it in his article. He has only painted the rosy picture when the Pakistani establishment is screaming of a diplomatic offensive against India on water issue.

The jihadis have used Kashmir to justify their terror against India. Then our PM added Balochistan to the list of grievances and the new entrant to the list is water. "At one time, jihadis were interested only in the liberation of Kashmir,
but the water issue had ensured that Delhi, Pune and Kanpur were all
fair targets
", the JuD (the rechristened Lashkar-e-Toiba)  chief Abdul Rehman Makki said.

Jihadis are using violence and chindu is using propaganda to include water in the agenda for the Indo-Pak talks.

Why is chindu keen to sell us this pipe dream when it is evident that
Pakistan is keen to use water as an instrument of diversion in the
negotiations. Why this urge to talk to Pakistan and why add to the
agenda all those topics which Pakistan and the jihadis think are


Xinhua Ram said...

Excellent post, HF!

Venkat Ramanan said...

I am actually happy Sid has written this post. I observed that in the past few weeks, most pakistanis online included water in one of their blabbers which normally included Kashmir or anti-Gujrat cribs in general only. Water has recently been added to the list of anti-India propaganda to divert attention away from terrorism and other real issues like state-sponsor of terrorism.

Sid has explained this in his article, bringing notice to the mainstream about how a spin has occured in Pakistani media and MSM about this and why we should concentrate on solving this, so this doesn't become a major issue, hiding the other important issues.
The pakistani military-jihadi complex would wish water issues take precendence so they can clandestinely go ahead with their terror sponsor so high time we concentrate on solving or minimising the effects of this diplomatic disguise.

Venkat Ramanan said...

Another blabber from V R K -

From the article -
My solemn proposal is to begin with a resolution that all Indians and Pakistanis believe in the worship of all versions of god in deep devotion. Let all noble negotiations be founded on a spiritual basis, not on mundane arms-dealing on a communal bedrock, but Advaita-Islamic divine inspiration. This is a unique opportunity. Our peoples are allies.

OH MY GOD, does VRK write articles after doping???!!! How on hell does he expect Pakistanis to give up their fundamental Islamic worship to adopt a (pseudo) secular spiritual idea? It is naivety like this and that of Nehru which has caused so much danger to our country on the whole. Oh god, why did you create such men in India of all places? :o :o

Hindu Fundamentalist said...

Thanks, Xinhua Ram.

Venkat Ramanan,
Pak will send us into a tizzy if we fall for their diversion tactics and start giving attention to water issue. They will have a few more problems lined up even before we realize. VRK is utter nonsense. That he is continuing to write goes to show the pathetic depths to which chindu has plummeted.