Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Comment moderation policy

We had a few discussions within our team on the issue of moderating comments. In general, most comments on our blog are constructive. But we have had a few trolls and also abusive comments. However, we restrained from deleting or censoring comments.

Recently, a request from Siddharth Varadarajan has been forwarded to me about some “idiot reader” who is apparently posting comments using a “forgery”. This raked up the debate once again. But we decided, atleast for the moment, against moderating comments.

Unlike chindu, we do not believe in censorship.

It is a pity that Siddharth Varadarjan should only take notice of some troll and ignore our several objections.

Chindu and Siddharth Varadarajan have misused their position to mislead readers repeatedly. And they have been unapologetic about it.

That does not mean we will tolerate slander. Thankfully, there have been far too few such comments to necessitate action.

Having said that, I urge all our readers to show more restraint while posting comments. Please avoid forgeries; that is just silly.


mahindra_tractor said...

You, sir, are way too generous to Gringo Varadarajan hack who lie with tongues firmly planted in their cheeks but have the audacity to demand fairness from others.

Xinhua Ram said...

Iron ore exports to China: India loses to newer markets
- Ananth Krishnan

Isn't it funny when the same Leftists who are vocal in demanding ban on mining term this "a loss for India"? Less ecological damage, iron ores prices for Indian steel makers in check, more ore for future domestic steel production ... that's some loss I can live with.

As for "little success in diversifying exports to China", that topic can lead to the uncomfortable issue of unfair trade practices of our Chini bhais.

Anonymous said...

Here is something about another Varadarajan.

Chindu seems to be highly selective in its coverage of the death of a prominent TN CPM leader, W.R. Varadarajan.

The CPM leadership seems to have gone overboard in meeting out punishment to this unfortunate man. "Indian Express" has taken the lead in exposing the duplicity of Karat & Co.

kuttychathan said...

HF... I think people post abusive comments on the chindu & its writers, here, because the chindu does not tolerate comments even mildly critical of its stance. So people vent their frustrations here.