Saturday, February 13, 2010

Why wont secular morons understand talks with Pak is doomed?

Through all the brouhaha about MNIK and the comments of a certain superstar that "It (Pakistan) is a great neighbour to have. We are great neighbours, They are good neighbours." the secular Indian mainstream media maintained its focus on the Government of India's initiative that talks should be conducted with Pakistan.
In response the terrorists sponsored by the Govt. of Pakistan or its lapdog the ISI decided to send a gift to the people of Pune. There are at least 4 dead and 40+ wounded with the fatalities bound to rise.
In response the watchdog of secularism Sidd Varadarajan blows his rusty trumptet stating
likely motive: to ensure the forthcoming dialogue between India and Pakistan is sabotaged even before it has a chance to get off the ground.

What is this logic of SV's to talk to Pakistan?
the government for trying to meet its goal of ending terrorism from across the border through both a focussed dialogue and renewed emphasis on homeland security

Why is this logic bullsh!t and ignorant?
  • Pakistan has claimed that the terrorists are independant actors and it does not have control over them. While there has been more than sufficient evidence to prove that the ISI with the GoP's backing has funded and armed them over the last few decades. This stance is not going to change. What does Pak have to gain by trying to control these so called terrorists who are Pakistanis, funded by their Govt, supported by its people? Nothing.
  • The US which is behind the scenes forcing India to talk to Pak has its own vested strategy of an early exit from the Af-Pak region after handing the security keys to Pak which means India will have to deal with the dual threat of extremists from both Pak and the free Taliban who will have a free hand in the region.
  • Lack of concern for the Indian lives lost in the battle against terror. Every year it seems hundreds of lives are lost with neither the perpetrators punished or their instigators held accountable. The media simply ignores the lives lost and the families who have to lead lives without their loved ones. People like Sidd Varadarajan would sit in his couch and smoke a cigar without caring a hoot and preach his philosophies about the common man who has to walk in fear not knowing where an IED laid by his friendly neighbor from Pakistan (or a local terrorist funded by Pak).
    Indeed, that they are likely to be a more effective instrument for pressing one’s demands is precisely why terrorist organisations are so keen to ensure the proposed dialogue never takes off.

  • All this is a moot point if Pak had a strong Govt. like China, unfortunately it does not. There are multiple power centers the Govt., Army and ISI are all independent power centers and do not trust each other. There is no way India can successfully negotiate with all 3 now, when it could not do successfully when Mushy was in power and Zardari has no control over his chowkidar let alone the ISI.

There is an old adage, "Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me". The media has been insanely preaching rubbish like friendship based on "secular" values when the Islamic nation of Pakistan has deemed it fit to wage proxy war on India come hell or high water. This is indication of high treason against our country. It is time for India to strike down this menace once and for all.


Anonymous said...

Every sane and independent-thinking Indian except the "secs" is fully aware that the Pune Terrorist attack (incendiary blast - according to PC) would not have been possible without the active help and cooperation of locals.
Another factor appears to be the diversion of the entire police force to ensure the screening of a film in which vested-interests have interest.

Anonymous said...

I remember this blog praising Siddhardh Varadarajan for his "top notch piece of journalism" on crimical justice system ( And now he has become a secular moron blowing his rusty trumptet stating. Like all other left-leaning idiots (including CP Chandrasekar, who you again prasised/criticsed), these sophists also carry the same views, which are very often delusional. Unless you get a Bush like figure in India, it would rather be difficult to change the path of this "proud Gandhian" land. Thank God, I donot like in a country where life has become so cheap.


Anonymous said...

Karan Johar visits multiplexes, moved by fan support

No report on what he feels about Pune's victims. This is the celluloid industry these idiots (Ashok Chavan and company) tried to protect.

Shame on you all!

Hindu Fundamentalist said...

when siddharth varadarajan writes good stuff, we appreciate it. when he writes rubbish, we call it what it is. i hope that is not too difficult for you to understand.
guys like siddharth varadarajan have often stepped out of their ambit to profess their secular credentials. hence they pick up the tab secular morons.

Sandesh said...

As long as sagarika proclaims on the television that "India and Pakistan--both terror victims should talk"...nothing can be done to these paid ELM.

Why does not some one start a media like Fox in India ?

Dirt Digger said...

Interesting viewpooint on the diversion of police. But fact remains the police diverted were the regular crowd control not the counter terror types.

Dirt Digger said...

thanks for your comments.
As HF said, we are an objective blog,we give credit where credit is due. Change needs to happen and it can come from all of us.

Dirt Digger said...

Thx for ur thoughts. We are hoping for the same as well.Just need a billionaire's backing :)

Dirt Digger said...

In India victims dont get their due unless they belong to certain religions if they are affected by certain causes.
It is hypocritical but reality.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 7.55 pm: Are you implying that the 'local' Bal Thackeray diverted the entire police force to help the terrorists achieve their objective?


Arun Narendranath

Venkat Ramanan said...

Another verbal diarrhea 101 article from his highness V R Krishna Iyer!!!

I posted a comment criticising his highness VRK and his master Nehru and Congress in general and The Hindu chose not to publish my comment :-)))

Hindu Fundamentalist said...

v.r.krishna iyer is out of his mind.